Facebook partners with Livity Africa to offer digital training to young entrepreneurs

Livity Africa

Facebook in partnership with Livity Africa, a non-profit organization, has launched a digital training program for young entrepreneurs across Africa. This move is aimed at equipping the youths with digital tools that will accelerate their businesses.

The digital training program will run for six months, and it will be a deeply immersive training. Livity Africa will provide the training through its Digify trainers who will be supported by Facebook on an ongoing basis.

The training program includes three core element and curricula developed particularly for each:

Digify Pro Start Up: a six-week deep impact training module for startup entrepreneurs to scale up their businesses by using digital skills and tools.

Boost Your Business: a one-day training session that will help startup entrepreneurs boost their hustle using digital skills and tools.

Digify for Entrepreneur TTT (Train the trainer): it will be a day for the Digify Pro graduates where they will take a booster course aimed at equipping them with the skills required to become trainers of the Bytes for Business program.

Facebook Public Policy Director Africa, Ebele Okobi, said, “Facebook is passionate about the power of technology to help people create content, develop innovative services and products for their communities, as well as build businesses that create jobs and opportunity.

Through this program, we aim to help entrepreneurs use social platforms to tell their business story, connect with their audiences and generate demand for their products. In partnership with stakeholders such as Livity Africa, we can help young entrepreneurs develop successful businesses.”

If you are interested in participating in the Digify Africa digital training program, you can apply online via the Digify Africa Facebook page or the Livity Africa Facebook page.

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