Facebook partners with Reuters to launch Free Media & Mass Communication e-Learning Platform

The internet has always been a treasure trove of information. That information has often been delivered with speed, accuracy, and freely availed. However, lately, things have been somewhat crazy, with some news being posted online being fake and, in other cases, outright propaganda lies.

These fake news get out of hand during significant political events such as presidential elections. A good example is during the U.S. elections,

BREXIT campaigns, and Kenya’s general elections. There were claims of Cambridge Analytica employing fake news and sending viral posts on social media to brainwash the masses.

Reuters and Facebook ups Journalism Standards

Reuters has

been known for its professionalism when it comes to reporting. While their postings might be slower than others media houses, no one doubts their reportings’ authenticity. On the other hand, Facebook is the biggest social media platform around the globe.

The two have joined forces to create an online platform to train budding journalists on the journalism industry best practices.

Reuters Digital Journalist Program is a free e-learning platform seeking to build a strong foundation in digital reporting and editing. The platform aims at recruiting learners from India, Asia Pacific, and across Africa.

For Africa, countries targeted for this program include Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa. The learners will learn

from Reuters’s top editors, and the program will be free and entirely conducted online. The curriculum includes lessons on newsgathering, news verification, news reporting, gatherings on social media.

With news media firmly in the digital age, being able to use digital platforms safely and effectively is essential. The Reuters Digital Journalism Course offers best practices from Reuters journalists around the world to provide the foundation for sound journalism, whether you’re a budding journalist or a seasoned one looking for a refresher.” – said Gina Chua, the Executive Editor, Reuters.

Facebook’s Strategic Media Partnerships Manager – Africa, Jocelyne Muhutu-Remy added:

At Facebook, we’re grateful to journalists across Africa who are working hard to keep their communities informed about the issues that matter to them – especially when the pandemic has made working conditions so challenging. We are delighted to support news media with tools and training to navigate the new challenges of the digital era.”



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