Facebook Redesigns Its ‘Events For You’ To Become A Better Local Party Discovery Tool

Facebook Redesigns Its ‘Events For You’ To Become A Better Local Party Discovery Tool

Facebook Redesigns Its ‘Events For You’ To Become A Better Local Party Discovery Tool

Facebook new ‘Events For You’ has just made it easier for users to know about events happening around them. For some users, this means; you can now crash into parties you didn’t get invited to.

The new Facebook Events on the web was given a new redesign on Thursday to include a new “Events For You” tab to give you recommendations on events, parties and gathering it thinks you’ll probably be interested in. Irrespective of whether or not, you got an invite, if your friends are going and if you have been to the event.

The new “Events” section has moved from just being a calendar with events you have been invited to, upcoming birthdays and suggestions based on what your friends are doing, to a discovery tool for parties and events. Facebook is using all the information it knows about you, to finds events for you and get you out of the house to somewhere fun and get to take pictures and post them to Facebook.

The new development has not been officially announced by Facebook yet, so far it is carrying out some testing with a number of users around the world before rolling it out slowly to every user on Facebook within the next few weeks. Facebook has also promised a similar design for Events for the Android and iOS devices coming out later this year. Facebook confirmed all these new development to TechCrunch’s Josh Constine. The new Facebook Events section will look as shown below.

Photo Credit: TechCrunch’s Josh Constine

The Feeds for main Events now looks cleaner and somewhat more condensed giving it that iOS7-ish look. With a tabbed interface that lets you jump back and forth quickly between all your Events, Invites, Events you have ‘Saved’ and Events you’re ‘Hosting’. It also has a shortcut on the right side that lets you jump immediately to your Past Events or the creation flow.

The new design, certainly makes it easier to manage all of your Invites since they have a dedicated space, rather than being meshed in with all the ‘Events’ you’ve already accepted or declined. The most important development here is the new Facebook events discovery tool, ‘Event For You’. Found on the right sidebar that you can open into a list with more suggestions based on a lot more data.

Facebook’s representative told Josh, “The recommendations you see are based on the information you have shared with Facebook i.e. Pages you like, groups and communities you’re a part of, events that friends are attending and other relevant contextual information such as day of the week and location.”

Photo Credit: TechCrunch’s Josh Constine

In simple terms, Facebook looks at an Event, figures out what it’s all about and the users already attending the Event. Then it uses demographic and interest data to come up with a possible match of users who could be interested in attending the given event.

The new development essentially makes Facebook Events a formidable competitor to various event discovery apps like Fever, YPlan, Eventful and Applauze, which catch-all services. It will also compete well against the more focused ones such as Seatwave, WillCall and the Sosh for cultural events and StubHub’s Showdrift for music events. Eventbrite which is considered to have a strong database on local events but still does an incompetent job when it comes to events recommendations, so we should expect Facebook now to give it a good run for its money.

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