Facebook Is Still The Leading Social Network Platform

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Facebook Is Still The Leading Social Network Platform

According to a new research conducted on Pew Research Center on American internet users, Facebook is by far still the most popular social network with a large number of ‘very active users.

However, as much as it is the leading social network, its overall growth has considerably slowed down while its competitors continue to pick up the pace. This survey was conducted in September, 2014, with 1,597 subjects taking part.

It emerged that 71 percent of internet users are on Facebook, more or less the same statistics as by August 2013. Other social networks registered significant growth in user base in the period between 2013 and 2014.

Out of the respondents, 23 percent said they use Twitter while 28 percent said they used LinkedIn and Pinterest. Perhaps the most outstanding findings this research has unveiled, is that internet users over the age of 65 say they use Facebook. The research also revealed that users engagements on Facebook is increasing, while the daily use of other social network shows very little changes.

The very large base users on Facebook continue to be very active, recording up to 70 percent engagements on the site daily and 45 percent of users do so several times per day. This is a considerable increase compared to only 63 percent who did so in 2013.

It also emerged that 49 percent of users on Instagram and 17 percent of users on Pinterest engage with their respective platform on a daily basis. Not much has changed in this category compared to 2013. On Twitter, it emerged that 36 percent of Twitter users visit their accounts on a daily basis, and this translated to a 10 percent drop compared to the 46 percent figure registered in 2013.

LinkedIn has registered any changes compared to the figures obtained in 2013. The platform registers 13 percent of users who engage with the platform on a daily basis. Majority of users on LinkedIn don’t log in as frequently. Compared to 2013, Facebook is still the most popular social network among users who use just only one social network platform, with them recording up to 79 percent of engagements on Facebook.

It has also emerged that an increasing number of Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram users are finding themselves turning to Facebook.

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The knowledge on the number of active users on different social network platform could come in handy for you, especially if you are running social media marketing. This research is based on data obtained from telephone interviews done by Princeton Survey Research Associates International, in September, 2014.

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