Facebook Stories coming to Desktop

The Snapchat popularized feature Stories has been copied by Facebook across all its social media platforms on mobile. That is on Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Facebook mobile app.

The social network is now said to be working on introducing the feature on Facebook desktop. How much sense that makes, beats many, given it is easier to make stories on your mobile devices as compared to your desktop. Even if it is a laptop, the thought of carrying around your laptop using the webcam to take snaps looks daunting.

According to TechCrunch, Facebook Stories are coming to desktop too, though they are now in a pilot phase. As seen in the screenshot below, the Stories carousel might be placed on the right side of your News Feed, just like how you view it while on your mobile device.

I bet, once the feature goes live and availed to anyone on Facebook, it will mostly be used for watching Stories videos than creating them. This feature on mobile has revamped social media experience for many users on Facebook Mobile, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Stats has it there are 250 million people using Stories daily, with WhatsApp taking the lead; even surpassing Snapchat.

There are no official records by Facebook showing how its Stories has been performing; others argue, it might be worse than its subsidiaries.

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