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Facebook tutorial on Artificial Intelligence | AI-101

by Felix Omondi
Facebook wants to teach you Artificial Intelligence | AI-101

What do you know about artificial intelligence? Apparently, most of us hear this term being thrown around all the time but have never taken the time to have a good grasp of what it is, what it can do, and how it applies to you.

Now listen up! We all are guilty of missing a lot of learning opportunities from the internet because we are too busy getting distracted with social networks. As a social media junkie, I know the struggle of going an hour without checking out my social media accounts; a very strong emphasis on ‘accounts.’

Maybe it is part of Facebook’s social responsibility; you know do a little good for all the distractions it is causing in our lives. Whatever their reasons, let us move along.

According to a Facebook blog post co-authored by the head of Facebook’s AI Research Yann LeCun and Joaquin Quiñonero Candela, the lead of its Applied Machine Learning research division. Despite the fact that many people use artificial intelligence in one way or another almost daily, the majority have zero clues about what it entails. Now Facebook wants to give you a lecture.

However, they understand (as they profit from it) your aversive nature to long strings of text explanations. They have prepared the lecture in videos since watching has become easier to accomplish than reading to the majority of us. They have six video tutorials on artificial intelligence to be precise.

The videos are short clips that walk you through the machine learning to the basics of neural nets; pretty much, basic stuff and enough for the average person to live by. Innov8tiv took the trouble of bringing all the six videos to you.

Below are the Facebook video tutorial on Artificial Intelligence:


Machine Learning

Gradient Descent

Deep Learning

Back Propagation

Convolutional Neural Nets

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