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Facebook has most of the world, 1mambu just wants the Angolan market

by Milicent Atieno

When it comes to social media and the internet, Facebook is a beast. Previously, it used to be Google as the one place most people start off browsing the internet. It was since ousted by Facebook, and perfected; Facebook never wants you to leave the platform. You can only see that from instant articles, which opens as a tab within the Facebook platform.

That aside, there is a startup social network in Angola that is setting itself out to becoming a big deal in the country. Dubbed 1mambu and created by Jose Soba. is a social network community said to be tailored to the needs of the Angolans.

1mambu enables members to share different types of content such as videos, music, photos, PDF documents, and SMS among others just like one does on Facebook or Twitter. 1mambu comes off as a unique social network as it lets you share content with other leading social networks and search engines, via its Social Share application. This feature helps in the expansion and dissemination of national content on the internet.

1mambu, in a nutshell, revolve around online community communication, fun, and e-commerce. The social network is driven by the passion of building a strong and united Angolan community online while increasing the digital content of the country on the internet.

The social network also has a tool for business to promote their products and/or services to the community via official pages. 1mambu goes to the extent of providing a platform where digital goods can be downloaded to any device direct from the platform. Take, for instance; a company selling e-books, video tutorials, manuals, audio lessons, and software among other digital content. They could sell it right off the 1mambu social network.

The social network also awards users for activities done on the platform. Activities like posting a comment, taking a question, posting a photo or video among other small things that sometimes go unnoticed on Facebook. More information about 1mambu, available at this link.

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