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FaceTime has a bug that lets Callers hear you before you pick up


Do you use FaceTime? Well, you might want to lay off it for a while until such a time Apple fixes a newly discovered bug that lets callers hear your conversation even before you pick up.

That’s right! When someone calls you on FaceTime, they immediately start hearing the background sound on your end before you even answer their call. This bugs first reported by 9to5Mac is further said to have the capacity of enabling callers to see video of you before you pick up. That is if they are making a video call. If it is a voice call, they will begin hearing you before you pick up.

Theoretically speaking, FaceTime has a bug that can allow other people to eavesdrop on you without your knowledge. All they need to do is ring you up on FaceTime, and they might be able to look around the room too if it is a video call.

The bug automatically enables the microphone and video recording on your device whenever someone is calling on FaceTime. As things should work out, the mic and video recorder should only come on after you have received the call, and not when simply a FaceTime call comes through.

How do you exploit this vulnerability

According to 9to5Mac, a  person simply needs to call you (either voice or video) on FaceTime and from their end tap on “+Add Person” and put in their phone number.

In response to this vulnerability, Apple told Reuters: “We’re aware of this issue and we have identified a fix that will be released in a software update later this week.”

As you wait for that fix, you can protect yourself by disabling FaceTime by going to settings.

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