How to Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy S5

How to Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy S5

You might require to factory reset your Galaxy S5 device on some occasions such as when it gets halted or when you have to sell it to someone. It is very easy to learn how to factory reset Samsung Galaxy S5, as demonstrated in this article.

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You must make sure that your phone is at least 90% charged before factory resetting it because if the battery gets dead during the process, some problems might creep in. Follow the steps below to factory reset Samsung Galaxy S5.

Backup Your Data

Before factory resetting your device, you must backup all your data and settings. You can easily backup basic data from Settings->Backup and reset. For the rest of the files, you may use some third party app.

Encrypt Your Data

It has been revealed by a security firm that data can be recovered even after wiping out the storage devices. So, it is better to encrypt all your data. For this purpose, go to Settings and choose the option of Security provided in the System section. Choose the option of “Encrypt” device and follow the simple on-screen instructions. It is recommended to put your mobile on charging because this process will take around an hour or even more. Once it is complete, you are ready to factory reset Galaxy S5.

Factory Settings Galaxy S5 from Settings

Go to Settings of your Galaxy S5 and choose the option of “Backup and reset” listed under “User and Backup”. Choose the option of “Factory data reset”. You need to tap “Reset Device” at the bottom of the screen. Hit “Delete All” on the next screen that shows up and wait for the process to complete and for the phone to reboot.

Factory Reset Galaxy S5 Using Hardware Keys

If the software factory reset is causing some problems, you can still do it with hardware keys as mentioned below:

  • Turn off the Galaxy S5 device.
  • Pres and hold the Volume Up, Home, and Power button together until you see Android on the screen.
  • Now, you need to use Volume Down key for highlighting the wipe data/factory reset option. Press Power button to select it.
  • You are required to use Volume Down key again to highlight “Yes-delete all user data”. Press Power button to select it.
  • You must wait until you see the “reboot system now” option. Use “Power” button to select it. When it reboots, the data and settings will be completely wiped out.

The methods to factory reset Samsung Galaxy S5 are reliable and guarantee success in almost all cases. After factory resetting your device, you will get rid of clutter of useless third party apps and retain only stock Android apps.

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