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Facts & Predictions: What Is the Future of Online Gaming?


Just a few decades ago, the internet was the stuff of science fiction. Even after it came into existence, basic tasks like sending messages from one device to another were considered advanced. Today, the internet penetrated every part of our lives and every industry imaginable, gaming included. Leisure time without internet access can’t even be imagined in this day and age, especially thanks to a huge amount of online games. So what is the future of online gaming and what can we expect in 5, 10, or 20 years?

Cloud gaming

Cloud gaming is a hot topic in the industry today. While it’s not a fresh concept, tech giants like Google are putting more time, money, and effort into advancing cloud technology and adapting it for gaming. And gamers are thrilled since this tech allows easy accessible and cheap gaming. Currently, cloud gaming is not 100% ready, but in the upcoming years, it will be everywhere. With a good internet connection, you can enjoy hundreds of hours of quality gaming.

Mobile gaming

The use of smartphones has increased astronomically in recent years, and today, people use them for most tasks. Mobile gaming has also found a huge audience, and now it covers over 51% of the gaming industry. Thanks to amazing mobility, smartphone gaming is beloved by the audience, and that’s also the reason why it will continue to grow and develop. Even the biggest video game developing companies have started catering to a mobile audience and releasing high-end games for this platform.

Gambling and gambling

Gaming and gambling have always been highly connected, but today, they are more similar than ever. We not only have video games with gambling content and the ability to exchange money for loot crates (you never know what you’re going to get, so it’s a gamble), but we have online casinos with interactive content that’s engaging and fun—just like video games. Only a few years ago, there were websites with two or three slot games and that’s it, but today, we have everything from 3D games to live dealers and VR slots. Gamblers can easily check out online casinos at Casino Bros and get objective reviews and overviews of certain casinos. This is great for avoiding scams and choosing top websites for online gambling.

Gaming spectators

Another trend that is shaping the present of gaming and will affect its future is the growing appeal of gaming spectatorship. Gaming has always been competitive, but now, winners are becoming real heroes and millionaires. The most popular games and esports tournaments have an audience of millions of people on YouTube. Some players, like FIFA interactive football player David Bytheway, sign contracts with real-live clubs since they have so much experience with games. Online poker players are also stars. It’s only a question of time when we will see gaming tournaments broadcasted on television.


NPCs in gaming (or non-player characters) were always present in gaming. They represent side characters that are programmed to perform certain actions and usually follow simple if-then scripts. However, new NPCs are programed with a behavior tree that allows them to perform more complex actions. In the future, we can expect to see more advanced AI in commercial games. But, it’s very hard to predict how the game will play with every character making complex decisions, so it remains to be seen how developers will solve this problem.

Integration with social media

Many online games offer an option to connect with social media and invite your friends and followers to interact with you as you game. For that reason, games like PUBG are gaining tons of attention, players, and sponsors. In the future, developers will most likely focus more on games that emphasize social media, connectivity, and sharing, so expect to see more of these options and features in games of tomorrow.

Gaming will become more popular and lifelike than ever before! No matter if you’re a hardcore gamer or just a newbie, you have a lot to look forward to when it comes to your favorite pastime.

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