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Falling Bridge: Great On Bridge Racing Game for Android

by Fahad Saleem

Falling Bridge: Great On Bridge Racing Game for Android

If you are looking for some entertaining and challenging game to keep you entertained on weekends, then “Falling Bridge” game might be the right choice for you. You will face the challenge of crossing a bridge that is collapsing. You will have to cross it without getting beaten by the hindrances first.

You can of course upgrade your bike and perform similar tasks. You can also challenge for friends via Google Play Games by viewing leaderboards and unlocking achievements. You must collect boosters and coins on the way to the end of the bridge to help you out with the upgrades. You may also pay some amount for buying in-app purchases.

falling bridge 2

The real essence of entertainment in Falling Bridge is its gameplay. As the bridge is falling behind you, the elements of thrill will certainly be there. Moreover, the pace of the game will be fast. You will find yourself on the bridge for too long that wouldn’t be the case in reality.

Falling Bridge tests your skills for acting wisely and intelligently under pressure. You just need to drive fast enough to escape from the falling bridge. You can use spacebar for Nitro, and collect gold coins on the way to score points. You can use spacebar for info, and “P” for pause.

 The controls for playing this game are very simple. You just need to hit the right side of the screen for race, and left side of the screen for controlling. This is very easy. This game is all about the employing the skills to ride a bike. Those who like to perform stunts with their bikes would like it very much. Some special features of the game are presented below.

  • It possesses excellent HD graphics
  • Bike upgrades and boosters are available
  • You can unlock new achievements to challenge your friends on leader board
  • Share the status of the game on Facebook and Google Plus
  • It is a completely free racing game

Falling Bridge can be downloaded from Google play store for free. The link is provided below.

Play Falling Bridge

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