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9 Famous Boxers and Fighters Who Died in the Ring

by Fahad Saleem

Fighting, boxing and MMA is a mad business. We all get excited about major fights like that of McGregor VS Mayweather, but sometimes when the boxing matches go rogue and players cross all the lines in aggression, deaths take place. In this article we will mention some of the famous boxers and fighters who died in the ring or out of the ring due to the injuries they received during fights.

Famous Boxers and Fighters Who Died in the Ring

Frankey Campbell

 Frankey was an Italian-American heavyweight boxer. This famous boxer died in the ring during his fight with Max Baer in 1930.

Choi Yo-sam

This Korean boxer died as a result of his fight with Heri Amol in 2008.  He got a brain injury during the match. But the most interesting part is that Choi won the fight. He had to go through a brain surgery after the match. Unfortunately, Choi died during the surgery.

Brad Rone

Brad Rone  died in the ring in a boxing match in 2003 Brad Rone. Billy punched Brad several times and most of the punches were on the stomach. For a few seconds, Brad walked confused and then collapsed. He died almost instantly.

Martin Sanchez

Mexican boxer Martin Sanchez was severely injured after his fight with Rustam Nugaev. Martin, who was famously known as “The Fireman” had to go through a surgery after which he was on ventilation. Unfortunately, he couldn’t make it and died due to the injuries.

Becky Zerlentes

Female boxer Becky Zerlentes died in the ring after she was knocked out by Heather Schmitz. Becky fell in the ring and never woke up. She was the first female boxer to die in the ring.

Daniel Aguillon

 Mexican boxer Daniel Aguillon died after he went into a coma following his fight with Alejandro Sanabria in 2008. He stayed in the hospital for five days before expiring to eternity.

Pedro Alcazar

Famous boxer Pedro Alcazar died after his famous victory at WBO Super flyweight championship. After the fight, a detailed medical check-up was done after which Pedro was set to fly to his home in Panama. But he was found dead in his hotel room. The cause of his death was the injuries he received during the fight.

Leavander Johnson

Leavander Johnson collapsed and died in his dressing room after his fight with Jesus Chavez in 2005. Leavander was knocked out in the match and the referee had to end the fight after Jesus Chavez kept punching Leavander.

Benjamin Flores

Benjamin Flores died in the ring fighting with Al Seeger. Flores was taken to the hospital in a stretcher from the ring but the efforts to save his life were not fruitful.

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