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Famous iCloud App Sunrise Calendar Now on Android

by Fahad Saleem

Famous iCloud App Sunrise Calendar Now on Android

While there is no shortage of apps and game on Google Play, it’s strange to see how less it offers in the category of calendar apps. Some might say that you already have Google calendar, device’s built in calendar, task managers and notes available on android but what if someone wants maps, tasks and calendar all in one place? Well if you are looking for an app that has all of these deeply integrated together, Sunrise Calendar is the app for you. The app has already gained much popularity on iOS and it is now available for Android devices. It is compatible with all of the Android devices running 4.0 and above and can be downloaded from Google Play.


  1. It looks beautiful
  2. Weather information integrated in the app
  3. Agenda with its preview available on home screen
  4. Exquisite visual affects
  5. Tasks can be added manually as well as automatically
  6. Deeply integrated with Google maps to provide previews of locations
  7. Integrated with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Foursquare integration
  8. Sync data with iCloud
  9. Sync data with Google Calendar and social media accounts
  10. Settings menu allows tweaks within the app
  11. Connect using email, facebook or Google+

sunrise app 2   One of the major complains we hear when someone makes switch from iOS to Android or vice versa is that there is no way you can easily sync important data across the two platforms. Well this might not be a big relief but at least you get some part of your data transferred to your new device with little or no effort at all. While setting up the app for the first time in your new device you have the option of connecting your email and social media accounts as well as iCloud and Google Calendar accounts and all your events, agendas, birthdays and maps are synced automatically. The great thing about app is you can access maps within it like no other app can. The only bad thing about it is it’s not yet available for tablets and on some devices it does not show month view. Click here to download.

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