Famous Indian Celebrities Who Gamble

Famous Indian Celebrities Who Gamble

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Gambling and casinos in India are gaining lots of attention, and many people are buying into the culture because they see it as rewarding. There is no doubt that movie stars earn so well, many of whom are celebrities of high net worth. Although these set of people enjoy a luxurious lifestyle and find fulfillment in what they do, many still go the extra mile to have fun.

No doubt, when you have lots of money, you may want to visit a casino at a point in your life, and that is the case with some Indian celebrities. If you ask me, the casino is the ultimate playground for anyone with more money than needed beyond retirement.

Besides, gambling in casinos is now easy and convenient due to advancements in internet technology. So, more celebrities and movie stars we don’t see at brick-and-mortar casinos might have joined the list of gamblers because online internet technology has made gambling convenient.

Many casinos make their games available on multiple platforms, making it easy for their customers to gamble from their places of comfort. Casino lovers can also play their favorite games on their mobile phones through dedicated mobile apps and web browsers. There are also live dealer games that are available online. So, let’s look at the popularity and legality of casinos in India before looking at the list of celebrities that gamble.

How Popular is Casino Gaming in India?

According to the Public Gambling Act of 1867, every form of gambling in India is prohibited. However, in recent times, gambling has become more prevalent. This is because the law permits a game of skill but rejects the game of chance. Most online casinos thrive on games they label as demanding skills, thus preventing them from being banned.

Casino games and gambling are becoming increasingly popular in India, and many people are going with the flow. Celebrities are not left out of this flow, as many celebrity gamblers in popular casinos are vocal about it. Some of them do it for fun, while others promote the casinos they gamble in and play their games.

New casinos are opening shops in India month on month, and many of these celebrities help to make word known about the casinos. The new Indian casino online in 2022 opening for business often promotes their brands by establishing themselves as an authority in the space. They break into the market by offering new customers bonus money or taking advantage of influencers to promote their business. In the first quarter of 2022, over 60 new casinos in India used either of these methods to make their brand reach a broader market.

Top Indian Celebrities Who Gamble

Celebrities in India who gamble are passionate about the game, the culture, and its ability to draw people together. They have also given Indian betting and gambling a good impression worldwide. Some of the Indian celebrities who gamble include:

v  Raj Babbar

Raj Babbar is a politician who is a three-time member of the Lok Sabha and a two-time member of the House of the Indian Parliament. Rab Babbar is an actor and a famous gambler who often wins a lot of money in casinos.

v  Arjun Rampal

Arjun Rampal is a popular Indian celebrity with very incredible looks. He has been spotted gambling multiple times. He is affiliated with PokerHig, which is second among India’s most prominent gambling sites. He regularly gives his opinions on gambling in public interviews.

v  Herman Baweja

Herman Baweja is an actor, producer, and entrepreneur. He is famous for doing everything – being the jack of all trades. He got a degree in medicine; he is a popular movie star and is a famous face at the casino tables. He is popular for winning multiple bets at casino tables in India, making him one of the prominent Indian celebrities at the forefront of gambling.

Sikandar Kher

The son of famous actress Kiran Kher, Sikandar is an inpatient poker enthusiast who won in the IPC edition of 2013 Goa. He came second in the 30k main event. The well-known actor in Goa was an active participant in the 2012 Ultimate gambling Challenge Tournament Series. Surprisingly, Sikandar finished three final tables in that tournament.

v  Jitendra

Jitendra is arguably one of the best Indian celebrities who are into gambling. He is a great actor and has made waves in the Bollywood industry. He has buildings in Mumbai, where he regularly hosts card parties. The buildings he has in Mumbai have different sizes of casino tables for gambling. The buildings also have card counters, bars, and note distribution machines. Many games are played in the buildings by many other popular Indians, including Hiru Johar, Rakesh Roshan, and Bubble Behel, among others.

Other unlucky Indian celebrities are associated with gambling, such as Arbaaz Khan, who bet on the IPL. He bet on the IPL multiple times and lost. In the end, he could not pay Sonu Jalan and got arrested by the Mumbai police for betting on the IPL. Further down the line, he also named several other celebrities involved in betting in the IPL.

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