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What Famous US Presidents Used To Do For a Living Before Coming to the Oval Office

by Fahad Saleem

Being the President of the United States is no ordinary achievement. The President of the US is practically the leader of the free world. One has to have resilience, ability to work hard, excel and extra-ordinary to come to the Oval office. But not every President of the US used to live an easy life before becoming the President. In fact most of them had difficult lives. They strived, worked hard and beat the odds that were against them to achieve success. Here is what the famous presidents of the US used to do for a living before starting their political career.

George Washington (surveyor)

George Washington, the first President of the US and one of the great founding fathers, used to work as a surveyor when he was just 16 years old. He used to survey land, air and water in Virginia and West Virginia for the legal records. From here he started his career and came up the ladder in his later life.

John Adams (school teacher)

 John Adams became a school teacher after graduating from college. But Adams was bored of this job. A constant feeling of void and emptiness used to overwhelm him. Adams used this as a fuel to work harder.

 Thomas Jefferson (Lawyer)

Thomas Jefferson was a land lawyer where he used to help his clients in land and property related cases. In his biography, Jefferson says in this job he decided to quell the corruption and aristocracy that was plaguing the system once and for all. The rest is history.

Andrew Jackson (courier)

Andrew Jackson used to work as a courier when he was 13. Jackson’s life was tough, mainly due to the revolutionary wars and chaos. Once, while polishing the boots of a British soldier, Jackson was beaten, and a solider struck his face with a knife, leaving a permanent scar on the face of the poor guy that would go on to become the president of the US.

Abraham Lincoln (Clerk)

Abraham Lincoln was a clerk in a small general store in Illinois. Instead of whining over this apparently petty job, the great man used this as means to socialize and increase his circle of influence. This paid Lincoln in his later years of life.

James Garfield (Mule Caretaker)

James Garfield, the 20th President of the US, who was shot dead by an assassin, used to tend to his cousin’s mules for just $6 a month.

Herbert Hoover (Mining)

Herbert Hoover was a mining engineer before starting his political career. His job was tough and demanding, which included exploring far off lands in scorching heat.

Franklin D. Roosevelt (Lawyer)

Franklin D. Roosevelt was hired as a lawyer in a famous Wall Street law firm.

Lyndon B. Johnson (Goat Herder)

Johnson used to work in a shoe-shiner when he was just 9. In his teens, Johnson took care of goats of other people for a living.

Ronald Reagan (Circus Worker)

Reagan was a circus worker, paid just $0.25 an hour. He then became a lifeguard at Rock River in Illinois, where he became a local hero after saving lives of many people.

Bill Clinton (Grocer)

Bill Clinton has worked as a grocer in Arkansas when he was just 13 years of age.

Barack Obama (Ice Cream Scooper)

President Barack Obama was an ice cream scooper in a Baskin-Robbins shop in Honolulu.


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