Fancy a Flip Phone? Motorola Razr could make a comeback this June 9, 2016

Fancy a Flip Phone? Motorola Razr could make a comeback June 9

Still fancy a flip phone? Do you miss those days of Motorola Razr with its iconic Hello Moto ringtones?

First released in 2004; the Motorola Razr quickly became the craze. It was more than just another fancy phone; it was a fashion icon with its somewhat revolutionary design when compared to the then common stubby Nokia phones.

The Motorola Razr even had brand ambassadors like David Beckham and quickly became the world’s best seller flip phone and among the top 10 most popular phones of all time. However, everything fancy about the phone ended at the surface (the design), underneath were quite the inferior phone features like a short battery life, a 2.2-inch display, and a 0.3 MP camera.

Compared to the entry level smartphones of these days, the Motorola Razr will be overshadowed, except when the focus subject is the aesthetic value of the devices. Motorola got it right here, with the spectacular flip design, something that makes the phone evoke many memories that unfortunately includes a short battery life.

Nonetheless, if you fancy a flip phone and may perhaps even you still do a lot of text messaging, won’t mind using WAP. Then Motorola has news for you; they’re bringing back the Motorola Razr, and your wish will be granted soon.

Motorola Mobility on May 19 uploaded a teaser video on YouTube showing high school students using Motorola Razr at what appears to be an American high school. The title of the video is “06.09.16”, which seem to highlight Motorola’s upcoming event on June 9th.

The video is captioned ‘Flip back to the Razr days of yesteryear and get ready for the future. The video ends in ‘TTYL’ (Talk To You Later).

However, it could be that Motorola is leveraging on the nostalgia of its Razr feature phone released in 2004 to drum up people’s interest in its upcoming event. Then again, it could be that the company is launching an Android version of the Motorola Razr soon. The next device will be the successor of the Moto X, and is expected to launch this June.

Perhaps the teaser video alludes to a release of a flip phone version of the modern day smartphones, which will be a drastic shift from the common rectangular touchscreen design that makes up virtually all current popular smartphones.

Realistically, a flip phone should remain in the relics, not in the modern world of smartphones. If they ever become produced, the flip design will mean they will have an even smaller display compared to the conventional smartphones of today. That means, apps that are best experienced on devices with bigger display will run awkwardly on such flip smartphones.

Then again, the feeling you get when you flip a phone shut to hang up a phone call is quite rewarding.

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