Fax App – Upload, then Send any Scanned Document as Fax your iPhone

Finding a fax machine nowadays is a fading trend in most offices. As emails, instant messaging, cloud drive sharing option, and e-signature services becomes the common thing. However there still those occasions of if’s and when’s you might need to send a fax.

Chances are high you might not have a fax machine lying around the office and if you do, does it still work? But if you have an iPhone, and you an avid reader of innov8tiv streams of titbits, then you should have no cause to worry or spend too much. Either way, why spend so much on a fax machine, when you can do the same thing with what you probably already have plenty of around the office; smartphones?

Intergo Fax Services Ltd. has a workaround to your fax machine problem. If you have an iPhone, they have the Fax app that lets you use your phone’s camera to scan the document and fax it away.

Fax app, available on iTunes for downloads, is a must have app for a business with the need of sending faxes. Even if you are the type that needs to send fax every once in a blue moon, or you send it on a daily basis.

How the Fax app works

Scan the documents with your smartphone’s camera, import the images from the Photos to the app, and input the recipient’s contacts. Then hit the send button to fax it away. It also works on iPads.


Built-in scanner to straighten and convert the scan documents files to black and white

You can combine multiple pages into one fax

You get to preview the document before faxing it away

You have history of all sent and received fax on your phone

For a fax machine that you walk around with inside your pocket able to send and receive to over 135 international destinations, the Fax app charges you on a pay as you go basis. It is  affordable and convenient especially for occasional use, and much cheaper for regular use, when compared to maintaining a full time fax machine.

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