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Meet Fritz Ekwoge, a Cameroonian Developer of an App That Eliminates the USB Flash Drive

Meet Fritz Ekwoge, a Cameroonian Developer of an App That Eliminates the USB Flash Drive

Once upon a time, mankind used the floppy disks to transfer files from one computer to another. It was a pretty handy device, since back then all a computer user would have wanted to transfer would have been just small bits of data. But things changed, users needed to transfer bigger files such as a 30 minutes video clip and before long the floppy disk simply became redundant. This saw the emergence of the USB sticks which had the capacity to hold 1 to 4GB of data and even higher. Computer users appreciated this new development and the USB quickly became popular worldwide.

However the USB sticks has one problem, it requires the user to physically move from one computer to another in order to accomplish a file transfer. At first this was fine and people had no problem doing this. Now, with the advancement of better technology such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, people quickly became tired of the frequency of physically moving in order to transfer files.

To address this problem one innovator based in Cameroon, Fritz Ekwoge founded a Tech-Company called FeePerfect and through that company developed an innovative software called Feem. Feem allows users to share files easily via LAN. This application can help you share files using Wi-Fi between Wi-Fi enabled devices easily without the need of having internet access between the two devices. Feem relieves users of the painstaking process of physically moving the USB disk from one device to the other in order to transfer files: Feem also has the following advantages to the USB sticks:

  • No spread of malware: USB sticks are notorious of spreading malware in between computers as users are sharing files. Something that makes some organizations completely banning USB sticks within their network.
  • USB sticks are prone to getting lost given their small sizes hence, critical document could have unauthorized access.
  • USB sticks does not support all devices especially the new smartphones and tablets out in the market.
  • Feem doesn’t require internet access, servers supports, remembering of passwords, has an auto discovery of Feem devices within your local network, supports chatting, cross platform support and its very user friendly.

Another remarkable thing about the Feem app is that the file transfer speed is very fast. This is largely attributed to the fact that it doesn’t use the internet to transfer files in between devices. You can download the Feem app from the FeePerfect website by clicking this link. The app is available at a price of $4.99

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