Female Techpreneur Naledi Mokoena Founded On-Demand Network For Financial Advice

Female Techpreneur Naledi Mokoena Founded On-Demand Network For Financial Advice

Naledi Mokoena is far from your average 23-year-old girl, as she has developed an on-demand network for financial advice dubbed Riovic. A virtual financial information service set to disrupt the financial service in South Africa.

Naledi Mokoena as cited by IT New Africa says, “The startup can be referred to as the Uber of Finance as it connects users with financial advisors and accurate financial information in real time.”

Mokoena, who hails from Johannesburg and a student at the University of Pretoria taking Financial Management, founded Riovic back in January 2015. According to Mokoena, the inspiration to come up with Riovic came from the ‘value gap’ that exists between consumers and the financial institutions in South Africa.

Mokoena says, “Consumers cannot get financial advice when they need it where they need.” She wants to make financial advice easily and more readily available to everyone. In effect, reduce the incidences of people making bad financial decisions.

Riovic employs the power of Internet of Everything in finance management. The platform provides financial management tools using screen sharing, instant messaging, and video conferencing technologies to enable users to get financial advice and monitoring remotely. It also supports money transfer over secure payment tools.

The startup is mainly targeting South African consumers interested in taking up various investments, insurance and businesses. Consumers that would like to have the informed opinion of a professional financial advisor using facts and industry knowledge.

Mokoena says Riovic features include 24/7 support, enquiry submission, financial advisor request, virtual financial advice, solution and topic search.

Riovic is available on Google Play Store for free. The service is also accessible through the web app for every Internet accessing device for free. There are three membership levels, one free and two paying monthly and members access services according to their level.”

To check out Mokena’s startup Riovic, head on to the website.

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