Finally! Female Staff At Facebook & Microsoft Earn Equal Pay As The Male Staff At Same Job Level

Finally Female Staff At Facebook & Microsoft Earn Equal Pay As The Male Staff At Same Job Level

Did you know April 12 is Equal Pay Day? If you did not, and you are a career woman, how does your monthly pay compare to your male counterpart at the workplace with whom you hold the same responsibilities and the same job title?

Well, the female staff over at Facebook and Microsoft now almost earn as much as their male counterpart for the same job, same job title. On Monday, Facebook announced that the company has achieved full gender pay equality among its staff. That is to say, there is no significant difference in the paycheck a female staff takes home with that of a male staff holding the same job title, same experience, and same responsibilities.

In a blog post, Lori Matloff Goler, the VP of People at Facebook wrote: “We regularly review our compensations practices to ensure pay equity, and have done so for many years. I’m proud to share that at Facebook, men and women earn the same.”

Well, Equal Pay Day is an annual event that happens on every April 12 and was brought about by the labor rights movement advocating for the same pay for same work. They advocate for equal pay in the context of sexual discrimination that leads to gender pay gap between male and female staff with same job training, experience, and roles.

Big tech corporations like Facebook, Microsoft, Intel, and Apple among others have over the recent years come under heavy scrutiny for not only having more head counts on male than female staff, but also the few women under their payroll earn less than the men their same responsibilities and same job titles notwithstanding.

On Monday again, Microsoft also wrote a blog post jotting down how it has almost eliminated the gender pay gap on its payroll. Now, female staff at Microsoft earn an average of 99.8 cents for every dollar their male counterparts are paid.

These numbers reflect our commitment to equal pay for equal work, and I’m encouraged by these results. Our announcement today is another step forward along the path of greater diversity and inclusion progress at Microsoft, and in society as a whole.” – Wrote Kathleen Hogan, Executive VP of HR at Microsoft.

At the start of this year, Intel for the first time ran a metric analysis of the gender pay parity at its workplace for the year 2015. The study revealed Intel had achieved 100% gender pay equality.

Around the same time, Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed to the shareholders that female employees at the company stores in the U.S. earn 99.6 cents for every dollar paid to the male employee.

In many companies across different industries, the advocates for gender equal pay say women make about 78 cents for every dollar their male counterparts get paid. So these statistics from Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, and Intel; the heavyweights in the tech industry a realm dominated by men, should be encouraging. Particularly to undecided young women and girls that would like to pursue STEM education and venture into the STEM world currently dominated by men.

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