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Finally, Microsoft gives us Dark Theme File Explorer; the most requested Dark feature

by Felix Omondi
file explorer

When it comes to viewing things on the screen, most people’s eyes are tired of the brightly lit areas on our screen. For that reason, the dark theme seems to be getting popular for apps and literally just about everything on our computer screens. As a Windows 10 users, personally I prefer the dark theme over the light theme; but File Explorer has always remained the same-old, same-old brightly lit GUI.

Well, if you are like me and the rest of Windows 10 users who felt short-changed with the launch of the dark theme with Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Because most other apps got the dark theme layer, except for one very critical and often used application; the File Explorer. You will be glad to know Microsoft has finally rolled out the dark theme for the application.

Found in the latest beta version of the OS – Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17666 – Microsoft says though the dark theme still has some kinks; occasionally going light unexpectedly. The company is working to refine the dark UI to make sure it remains dark, you want it dark.

Users who have already taken the dark File Explorer for a spin, say it is really dark. The main Window background has become pitch black, and most users say they would have preferred it not as pitch black, but a shade of gray. Perhaps this is one more thing Microsoft will tweak; then again, it is a beta feature making it a work in progress.

The dark theme is often appropriate when you are working in low-light condition; please note, I did not say working in the dark. Though it could still help your eyes very much if you’re working in the dark, it is never advisable to view your screen (computer or smartphone) in total darkness.

Other new features in this latest Windows 10 build include, Bing search option within the Notepad, Search previews, improved clipboard experience, and accessibility via Win + V.

To see all the dark File Explorer alongside a full list of features coming with the new Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17666, click here.

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