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How To Find and Delete Duplicate Files on your Computer

by Felix Omondi
How To Find and Delete Duplicate Files on your Computer

There is no reason for your PC to be ‘bigger’ than it needs to be. Especially when duplicate files bloat your hard drive. Having multiple version of the same photo, audio, or video file does not add any value, but does add more inconvenience given you will quickly run out of space to store new files. Thus said, you need to delete duplicate files on your computer, and the following are tips on how to do so on a Windows PC.

Duplicate Cleaner Pro 4: Although it is a premium software, it is the best in its class. It also comes with a handful of features. You can download a free trial version for a test drive, but chances are high you will want to have the full premium package.

dupeGuru: If you are looking for a free software that will do a good job scanning for and deleting duplicate files on your computer. Then dupeGuru is the software you seek. It comes in three versions, dupeGuru Music Edition, dupeGuru Pictures Edition, and dupeGuru. As the names suggest, dupeGuru Picture and Music Edition are for finding duplicate pictures and music respectively.

Please Note! dupeGuru site says their application no longer supports Windows but the link to the older version of the app works fine on Windows computers.

DigitalVolacano’s Duplicate Cleaner: DigitalVolcano’s Duplicate Cleaner comes in both free and premium version. The premium version gives you extra feature, while the free version comes with basic duplicate-scanning ability. They both have a nice interface and scan both your computer and any connected external hard drives. The premium version can scan for very similar pictures and music files, even when there are slight While the free version just has the basic duplicate file finding feature.

VisiPics: VisiPics scans image files that resemble each other, even though they are not completely identical. This app will find resized, edited, and rotated images. This app is tailor-made for finding picture duplicates

Duplicate File Finder: It has been described as a bare-bone application since it lacks in the UI-department. Unlike the apps mentioned above, Duplicate File Finder looks for files with the same size and compares them to see if there are duplicates of the same. That means you will not find the almost-but-not-quite-exact matching features that other applications give. However, that also means that Duplicate File Finder is much faster at scanning for almost identical files compared to the above mentioned.

The above five duplicate files finders will do an excellent job at deleting duplicate files on your computer and hard drive. However, there are many others out there; some come as free downloads while others are premium. You need to be very careful with freemium software as with them, come a lot of bloatware that will install alongside.

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