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How to Find Your Ideal Customers on Facebook

by Fahad Saleem
how to find right customer on facebook

How to Find Your Ideal Customers on Facebook

Connecting with the right customers is the real essence of business. The sellers of products and services should identify their target markets and customers. Social media is the best source for reaching your target audience. This article will discuss some intelligent strategies to find your ideal customers on Facebook.

Align Your Target Customers and Fans

The buyer personas are the vital part of the marketing process, whether they are traditional or social. They tend to define your target customers. You need to identify the type of persons to whom you want to sell your services or products. You must create some kind of demographics or personas for the target customers. You will have to keep an eye on the people following you on the Facebook. Their profiles should match with your created demographics.

Identify the Facebook Usage Times of Your Customers

The habits, lifestyle and interests of the people, mostly dictate their usage timings of social media. When you understand those behaviors and influences, it will help you in avoiding ineffective posting tactics. You will not throw up posts at random times. You must post your marketing Ads when most of your target customers visit Facebook.

Motivate the Customers to Connect with Us

Review your social media posts by yourself and judge whether they are interesting enough for your potential buyers. You are the best judge of your business and the things that are attractive for customers. The buyers may have different thinking patterns that are hidden from you. You must find their preferences to attract them towards your posts. Take the example of CTRL V which found that their customers are mostly driven by their lifestyle. Hence, their posts reflect the company’s support of surf community events and causes.

how to find right customer on facebook

Research about the News Sources Mostly Relied by Customers

In order to gain attention of customers, you need to find out the news sources on which they mostly rely for finding answers of their queries. They might use social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc or some kind of magazine. Consider the strategy of CTRLV which guest blogged on the sites of some famous magazines and received the tremendous response.

how to find right customer on facebook

This post was shared more than 350 times on the Facebook. CTRLV can clearly see that their audience is paying attention to their posts on Facebook.


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Research the Inspiring Characters of Your Customers

You must know about the leaders, heroes, and influencers who inspire our customers. You must connect with them and indirectly to the customers also. You can search for the characters in the hashtags, twitter lists, groups and communities of customers. Start interacting with the people who influence your customers the most. In this way, you would invite your customers to buy your services.

how to find right customer on facebook

In short, researching about the methods to attract your customers is not difficult at all. You can find your ideal customers on Facebook by employing intelligent tactics and strategies.


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