Where to find Money for College


Where to find Money for College

Just because money does not grow on trees does not mean money is not blowing in the wind. There is money to be made people and it is time to get it. Here are a few places to look for money for school:

  • Church

If you attend church then you are in an institution that can help you get money for school. Some churches hold fundraisers for this particular purpose, while others put money aside. While not all churches offer scholarships, it doesn’t hurt to check if your church does.

  • Financial institutions (Banks & Credit Unions)

Financial institutions understand that school is not cheap and they have no problem helping a client or member in paying for school. However, this help comes in the form of loans. I believe loans should be a last resort, but the reality is: without loans some people would not be able to attend college. So if you are looking at loans, check out any banks or credit unions, you or your parents have an account with, and see what their rates for students are. Make sure to compare their rates to other loan offers, so you can get the best loan and the lowest rate, for you.

  • Work

Some jobs offer what is called tuition reimbursement. There are rules set between an employer and employee as to how the company will pay the cost of tuition for its employee. While this is great not all companies offer this, so be sure to do your homework to see if your job does.

  • Organizations

If you are part of any organization (ex: sororities, national honor society, fraternities, NABJ, NABA) there is money; money to help you. There are organizations that hold contests, scholarships, offer grants, or loans to its members. If you are a member of any organization, ask questions.

  • Volunteer work

You have to get those community service hours or of the way so might as well ask around where you are volunteering. This is the perfect place to network and you never know who can help you.

  • Credit Card Companies

Credit card companies also give out loans to students, be sure to do the research, compare rates, and stay on top of your loan. Check out Discover and others.

  • Military

The G.I. Joe bill is no longer the only form of financial assistance to Military personnel. Now there are countless of scholarships and grants to help the spouses and children of military personnel. Check out some of the benefits offered on Goarmy.

Know any other places to find money? Place your comments below or reach me on Twitter. Happy College hunting.

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