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Finding a Good Epson DTG Printer For Sale


When starting a t-shirt printing business, you need to invest in high-quality equipment to deliver the best products to your customers. It is essential to receive distinct and detailed prints on your t-shirts so that you will have a better chance of making more money.

EPSON is the clear winner when it comes to high-quality DTG printers. Brands like EPSON use superior ink technology to produce crystal clear and sharp prints. The rapid load grip pad speeds up the loading of clothing and cuts down on overall printing time. Hence, looking for an Epson DTG printer for sale makes a lot of sense business-wise.

Should You Purchase a Used or New Printer?

When you don’t want to spend full price on any equipment, buying used machines might be a great option. Buying secondhand products may sometimes not affect their performance. In electronics, though, a used product usually signifies that it is old and no longer works as well as it once did.

While you might save money on the machine, you may have to sacrifice quality and efficiency. DTG printers can be costly. Small businesses and startups may not be able to afford a brand-new one. For such customers, brands like Epson offer cheaper products without sacrificing quality.

Epson print supply is affordably priced, allowing them to be used by a wider range of organizations. To ensure that its printers provide the most outstanding service, the company uses industry-standard technology. The printers are low-maintenance, which helps to cut down on long-term costs.

If you’re starting a small enterprise, make sure you do your homework first. Epson offers not just fantastic print quality but also exceptional customer service. Good customer service is necessary to assist you in learning the ins and outs of the product.

Where Can You Buy An Epson DTG Printer For Sale?

There are many places online where you can buy DTG printers. Some of them are listed below:

eBay: eBay is a popular online shopping site for auctions and direct-to-consumer sales. It’s also popular among internet retailers as a sales method. You can input your zip code to find products available in your region. You can also look for things that are available both nationally and internationally.

Anyone can open a free eBay account. You have the option of both selling and buying things. Although eBay is a great option to buy products online, buying DTG printers isn’t like buying books. The product cost associated is much higher to risk a wrong product. Moreover, if you get a faulty product, there are almost no resources available for your aid.

Facebook Marketplace: People can use Marketplace to find, purchase, and simply sell products. Filtering results by location, category, and price might help people locate what they’re looking for. More than 800 million individuals use the Marketplace each month to explore, buy, or sell things as of October 2018.

Merchants seek new ways to diversify their sales channels, including tapping into pre-existing technology and internet platforms, as competition grows and multichannel tactics become more prevalent. Sellers can use Facebook Marketplace to find, purchase, and sell products. You can contact buyers directly by listing on Marketplace.

But, Facebook Marketplace is still a fresh platform and concept, and there are no training and warranty promises. As anyone can become a seller, poor-quality products are listed almost all the time.


Quipdealio is the leading online platform for the Custom Products Industry to list new or used equipment. If you can’t find a dealer or don’t want to buy new, this is the best alternative for used and new DTG printers.

Why Should You Only Buy A New EPSON TGT Printer?

1. Time-saving Printing

The necessity of repairs is less likely to occur with new machinery, which can help your organization avoid delays and keep projects on track. This has the potential to have a big effect on productivity. When looking for a new Epson DTG printer for sale, you have to make sure that you are not buying someone else’s problem.

2. Incentive Taxes

While new printing devices may be more expensive upfront, there may be opportunities to take advantage of tax breaks. In addition to that, new products come with a warranty and free maintenance services.

3. Professional Image

In addition to enhanced productivity, new machinery shows that your firm values its job and that you will accept nothing less than the best when offering the highest quality services to your clients and consumers. By buying a new Epson printer, you can avail company training on using the equipment. This training can be beneficial to newer businesses.

4. Capabilities Enhancement

Since any new equipment is typically at the top of its class in terms of capability and functionality, it can improve a business’s efficiency by allowing people to work faster and enhance production. Keeping up with the latest technical developments might be a strategic method to stay ahead of the competition.

5. Easy Maintenance

Maintenance will take roughly 10 minutes per week on average if you buy an Epson DTG printer. It has advanced features where the device application will tell you to reattach cartridges daily. Every day, you can print a nozzle check and clean the printhead if necessary. Clean the printhead cleaning cap once a week.

Once a quarter, give your color ink cartridges a good shake. Change the attachable accessories like wipers and flush pads after 750-1,000 prints. With these little steps, your printer would work faster and more efficiently.

6. Options and Choices

If someone purchases a new product, they have a variety of options in terms of quality, styling, printing processes, and so on. When buying secondhand equipment, you must hope that the quality and options are satisfactory.

There are a surprising number of alternatives for printing equipment. You might not receive exactly what you desire if you buy a used product.  A t-shirt printing business requires a wide range of equipment. It’s possible that you won’t locate secondhand variants of all of them.

By taking advantage of the various financing options available for your new machine, you can buy an EPSON printer that is more cost-effective than a secondhand one.

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