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Finding a roommate for off-campus hostels booking in Nigeria just got easier with Studacom

by Milicent Atieno
Finding a roommate for off-campus hostels booking in Nigeria just got easier with Studacom

Higher educations, especially when looking for quality education, is increasingly getting out of reach for many people across the world. There are a number of reasons to this; there is an increasing number of people who are qualifying for admittance to institutions of higher learning, than the institution’s capacity to develop accommodation for them.

The core function of an institution of higher education is to provide academic lessons, things like student housing facilities come secondary (if at all) to the school’s development agenda. Gone are the days when an institution’s on-campus hostels will be sufficient for all the students admitted. Leaving students to search for off-campus accommodation, which often comes at exorbitant charges as the private sector seeks to reel in profits out of the students’ predicaments.

The private sector understands that learning institutions’ development of students’ accommodations is lagging behind. Therefore, they build up real estate around such institutions where they rent out rooms as hostels to the students.

Most students can afford such off-campus accommodations by splitting the rent with a roommate. Thus it is crucial that a student finds a roommate in good time before the semester commences. Finding the right roommate, or matching two students looking for a roommate becomes hard.

Studacom an online platform wants to match students with a possible roommate in and around their campus. The platform also welcomes property owners renting out rooms to students, to enlist their properties. The platform is thus not matching up students with roommates; it is also matching them up with the right accommodation that fits their preference and their budget.

Studacom selling point to the landlords is that it will provide them free advertisement of their properties. However, hostel owners who want their properties seen first and fast have the option of subscribing to a range of options at a fee.

To the students, Studacom, provides you an easy platform to find not just a roommate, but rooms. Students can browse through a catalog of pages showing pictures of rooms, their pricing, and locations.

Out of the multitudes of students who are admitted each year into several institutions of study, only a few are accommodated within campus leaving the others to hunt for affordable and secured off-campus hostels as well as roommates,” said Joel Amawhe from Ozoro, Delta State, Nigeria. “In their quest to do this, some are defrauded or victimized.”

Amawhe is a 21-year-old web developer who founded Studacom. His site and services it offers is going up into competition against,,, and in the Nigerian market.

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