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Fintech App Trends for 2021


The concept of Fintech perfectly describes the glitzy new-age term for almost everything that has a link with technology and finance. This includes money transfer and budgeting apps. Unknowingly, people have already started believing and using fintech solutions that too unknowingly.

If you want to know how, while shopping, most people use virtual cards, transfer money through mobile payments, withdraw cash from ATM, etc. All these things are happening through fintech apps and solutions. When talking about the fintech market, the entire market is connected with money. Hence, the fintech market covers various areas such as wealth management, insurance, payments, personal finance, etc. 

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After COVID hit the world, the fintech market saw a massive momentum since contactless payment and branchless banking became rampant. It has also been found that digital competition might even win by forty percent revenue compared to the traditional banks. Since the world is slowly accustomed to post-pandemic changes, some popular fintech trends that would become popular after the pandemic are over are.

Digital will become compulsory for financial services so that inefficiencies can be reduced and cost can be curtailed.

The lending business might suffer and therefore might think of merging businesses

Robo-advice might become popular

Apart from that, various other changes might also come up, such as the introduction of insurtech and regtech, and there is no doubt that fintech innovations will also change later on. However, the only question still lies which companies would bring the trend and lead them throughout. Even though the changes have already been thought, companies still have to bring the concept and make people aware of the app trends. Here are some of the app trends that might come up by next year.

Access to unbanked

As per a report by the World Bank, almost 1.7 billion population does not have access to global banking. Most people who do not have access to mobile money residing in developing countries since account ownership is universal, especially in the high earning economies. If people have access to mobile money accounts and other financial services, it would be easy for them to do transactions without any hassle.

From, people can know about all the fintech app trends. With access to such innovative technology, people who are unbanked, weak, and illiterate, and the first time users can get enormous benefits. This trend will help overcome all the barriers, especially for unbanked people, since it will become easy for them to access financial services.


It is yet another popular fintech app trend, also popularly known as a digital-only bank. The striking feature of this bank app is physical branches are not required. The app has automatic processes along with areal-time update, which can be utilized for various services. Apart from that, customers here can get in-app chat service, which is quite helpful. Most developing countries having unbanked service opt for interacting with such digital banks that are app-based.

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The concept of Neobanks is giving an entirely new definition to the banking future throughout the world. Countries such as America are facing weak developments due to a regulatory barrier. However, recently the regulations have been changed, and the US Neobanks will begin with its services.

Concept of blockchain

As per a Business Insider Intelligence report, almost forty-eight percent of the banking sectors believe that the latest technologies, such as AI and blockchain can bring massive changes in the banking sector. Also, the impacts will be huge, especially during the year 2020 to 2021. When talking about the financial system makeover globally, blockchain has come up with significant commitments. It will not only give new technology but an entirely new decentralized finance, which will solely focus on discarding centralized processes.

New plans are made regarding the introduction of the crypto revolution, and for almost ten years, this revolution has been in the planning. Finally, cryptocurrencies are coming in within a few years. Many nations are already working on it, and the change that will come up will be huge.

Therefore, these are some of the trends coming up through fintech apps by next year, and the changes would be highly functional and useful for almost every nation.

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Visa and M-Pesa announce Partnership on Payments

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