Firefox 52 Beta enables you to Open Tabs in One Device, and Send it to another Device via Sync

Firefox 52 Beta enables you to Open Tabs in One Device, and Send it to another Device via Sync

If there is one thing Mozilla’s Firefox is best known for, it is security. It is the browser’s strongest selling point. However, with the rollout of Firefox 52, you just might find more reasons to stick to Firefox; because we all know Chrome is giving all browsers a fearsome run for their money.

Firefox 52 is the latest Mozilla release on the Beta channel, and it is available to the early adopters, web developers, and anyone else who wants to give it a test drive. Going by Mozilla’s rapid release calendar for Firefox browser, the Firefox 52 will be the next Extended Support Release (ESR).

Firefox 52 features

According to revelations by the Mozilla release notes, this Firefox version will update the Firefox sync technology. Enabling users to send and open new tabs from one device to another. The browser will also implement the Strict Secure Cookies specifications.

As Mozilla explains: “Implemented the Strict Secure Cookies spec which forbids insecure (http:) sites from setting cookies with the “secure” attribute, and in some cases prevents an insecure site from setting a cookie with the same name as an existing “secure” cookie from the same base domain.”

Improved Downloads Experience and a New Security Warning

Firefox has already made its name as one of the most secure mainstream browsers around. A reputation it is hell bent to maintain with Firefox 52, which will warn you when a web page contains insecure password field. It will do so through a new warning system that will be executed directly within the username and passwords fields.

The browsers will also improve your browsing experience by giving you a toolbar notification when your download fails. The toolbar comes with larger buttons for canceling or restarting a download. It now gives you access to the recent five downloads as opposed to the current stable version that gives you just three most recent downloads.

Firefox 52 also reduces your fingerprinting that can be used by trackers. It does so by removing the Battery Status API and disables the Netscape Plugin Application Programming Interface (NPAPI) support for other plugins like Oracle’s Java, Adobe’s Acrobat and Microsoft’s Silverlight. All of which, are no longer being supported.

What’s in it for Web Developers?

For devs, Firefox 52 enables the CSS Grid Layout Support with a redesigned Responsive Design Mode. It comes with some enhancements like the network throttling and device selection, just to mention a few.

When will Firefox 52 be available on the Stable Channel?

According to Mozilla, you (the cautious user who only wants stable software) can have this browser on March 7, 2017. That is when it will hit the streets as stable software, but for the early adopters, power users, and risk takers. You can download it now from this link.

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