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First Pan-Africa Women In Tech Meetup On August 2nd, 2014

by Milicent Atieno

First Pan-Africa Women In Tech Meetup On August 2nd, 2014

First Pan-Africa Women In Tech Meetup On August 2nd, 2014

The tech industry and generally any field related to STEM has usually been seen as a reserve for men in many cultures and in many parts of the world. In Africa, where conservatism and gender defined roles is still more potent. The few women who dare break the taboo and venture into STEM soon discover how isolated the industry can be towards them.

Simply because the women folks are not that many to start with and even worse their male counterparts are not exactly enthusiastic about having female colleagues in their midst, and sometimes go out of their way to make them feel unwelcomed.

The first and obvious remedy to this situation would be to get more girls and young women interested in pursuing education and careers in STEM related fields. In order to achieve this, we need more women mentors, role-models and a network of women professionals with whom potential and upcoming female scientists can look up to, share experiences, challenges and skills with.

In other continents, there have been some Women in Technology clubs already in existence, that women of African descent can join, and has significantly increased their numbers in STEM related education and careers, but so far there has never been a pan-African network that does the same for the African women living on the African continent.

This is exactly what a group of women professionals, all of whom have a background in science and technology seeks to do. The first pan-African network of Women in Technology has been organized by Women in Tech Ghana, Women in Tech Zambia, Women in Tech Uganda and Girls in ICT in Rwanda.

The pan-African network of Women in Technology is scheduled to have simultaneous live viewing events in selected cities in Uganda, South Africa and Ghana come this August 2nd, 2014. It will be the first of its kind, and the meet up is going to be a virtual form, allowing the women in participation to learn from women in tech from other countries, network across borders and expand their influence.

The event will kick off at 12pm GMT, 2pm CAT AND 3pm EAT. To participate you first must register yourself by following this link.


  1. Wabel Walusiku – Accenture (Zambia).
  2. Victoria Mbabazi – (Uganda).
  3. Enyonam Kumhor – CEO, Thoughtworks Africa (Ghana).

Kindly make it a point to participate, whether you are already working in technology or aspiring to. Men are also welcome to attend the event but only on the condition that they bring at least one woman with them.

Planning Team:

  1. Ethel Cofie (Ghana) – A tech entrepreneur and founder of the Women in Tech, Ghana. She runs an IT consultancy and is working on launching accelerator program for tech start-ups.
  2. Ethel (Ella) Mbewe (Zambia) – She is the co-founder of AsikanaNetwork. She is motivated, accomplished and versatile IT technician best known for her competency in web designing and Android mobile development.
  3. Akaliza Keza Gara (Rwanda) – Founder of Yambi Animation Studios and a member of Girls In ICT Rwanda. She loves open source software, animated movies and chocolate milkshakes. She is also a member of the Advisory Council Member for Microsoft 4 Africa.
  4. Barbara Birungi (Uganda) – Social Entrepreneur, ICT4D activists, Zero technological gender balance focused, woman activist, mother and consultant. She is also the founder of Women in Tech Uganda, Director of Hivecolab and board chair of Afrilabs.
  5. Chisenga Muyoya (Zambia) – She is an ambitious and highly motivated young woman with experience in the IT industry. Eager to learn and work with emerging technologies and runs Women in Tech Zambia.

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