Fisherman Turned Village Hero After Killing 20ft Croc That Ate His Pregnant Wife

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Fisherman Turned Village Hero After Killing 20ft Croc That Ate His Pregnant Wife

A heroic story is going viral in Kibuye village, Uganda, after one of their own, Mubarak Batambuze avenged his pregnant wife’s death by the jaws of a 20ft crocodile. The deceased Demeteriya Nabwire is believed to have gone to the riverside in search of firewood when she met her death.

People back at her home started wondering about her whereabouts, after they noticed her absence from home several hours after when she was expected to have returned. A search party was sent out to locate her. That is when they came across the pregnant woman’s bloody fingers, toes, mobile phone, and slippers by a spot near the Nawaikoke river, where they believe the croc attacked her.

It became apparent that she had fallen victim to a notorious 20ft croc weighing about 1,000kg that has been terrorizing villagers for the past one year. The croc is blamed for the deaths of six other women and children.

Nabwire’s husband, Mubarak Batambuze got very infuriated that he decided to take matters into his own hands and avenge his pregnant wife’s death. He said to have spent all of his life savings on a brand new spear, which he had the blacksmith make for killing the cold-blooded reptile.

Batambuze told the Uganda daily newspaper, New Vision: “I went to a blacksmith and paid him Sh20,000 ($7) so that he could make me a very sharp spear.”

Batambuze with his sharp spear in his hand went down to the riverside and tracked down the killer reptile. He found the reptile near the spot where his wife’s remains were found last Sunday, and managed to spear it to death. He was then helped by other five fishermen to bring the carcass back to shore.

Batambuze is now being hailed as the village hero, for having slain the water monster that claimed the life of his pregnant wife and other women and children from the Kibuye village.

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