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Fishy Feathers Game – Coming Soon

by Felix Omondi

Fishy Feathers Game – Coming Soon

Looking for a fun but simple game to play; you know the type of game that actually relaxes your mind and doesn’t give you anxiety, grief and a lot of suspense such as the likes of GTA-San Andreas and later versions. Well, you should try out Fishy Feathers launching next Wednesday.

The game is simple and straightforward without compromising on the fun part. The storyline of the game is about how Fishy Feathers starts chronicling Larry the Bird after a great flood that submerged the entire planet under water. For the little Birdy to survive, it has to work its way up the food chain, by eating up other fish, picking some chips and travelling across the world.

This game is not your average bird-clones games you would get in the App Store. This game features rich-beautiful graphics, with some addictive old-school appeal. Players will enjoy navigating through different worlds, as you collect multitude of powerups that will enable you have a smooth journey.

In this game, you don’t just compete to get the highest scores yet. This game can best be described as a homage of impressive sidescrolling console games with an ultimate goal. As you work your way towards achieving the end goal, you are taken through incredible levels of challenges, characters and hazards.

In a nutshell, the Fishy Feathers game entails the following:

  1. Eating as much fish as you can in order to grow and climb the food chain.
  2. Swimming and diving mechanisms that are quite simple and fun to master.
  3. Great location to explore.
  4. Option to play in a variety of exotic birds.
  5. You have tonnes of powerups to boost you as you play.
  6. You can trade in chips collected for upgrades.
  7. Once you complete a challenge, you unlock new items.
  8. Beautiful painted art styles in 2D and 3D.

About Fish Feathers

The game will be released on August 20th, 2014 and will be available free of charge. You can download the game from; its file size is about 142 MB. The game was developed by Lucky Mask Games Inc. based in Toronto.

For more information about the game follow this link.

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