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Five Daily Tasks You Should Delegate to Others to Make Your Job Easier


When you first created your startup, you probably did most tasks yourself. With a small team and an idea you felt passionate about, it was a lot easier to do all that small stuff without help from anyone else. However, there comes a time when you’ll have to start delegating some tasks.

As your business grows, the number of tasks grow, and so do your responsibilities. You don’t want to spend precious time answering emails when you could be working on the next big idea to propel your company forward!

There are some things you’ll still want to be in control of, like reviewing the 2020 DNS threat report or attending the latest marketing meeting. Other things, like the things on this list, can easily be delegated to others so you can free up time to tackle more important projects on your to-do list.

Administrative Tasks

The smallest tasks are often hardest to delegate to someone else. That’s because they aren’t difficult, so they are quick and easy to do yourself. The trouble is, those tasks quickly add up. Before you know it, half your day is wasted on administrative tasks that make you feel like you’re spinning your wheels.

Hiring a virtual assistant to help with administrative tasks can be a good idea, but you can also divide up tasks among those already in your office to share the load.

Tasks others can do easily include:

* Managing the company calendar

* Scheduling appointments: By using an automated appointment booking calendar, your customers will be able to self-schedule at their convenience, which will help free up your employees’ time so they can focus on other daily tasks.

* Returning phone calls

* Booking trips

* Sorting through emails


Your company’s finances are what enable you to keep your doors open. It’s not a good idea to be in the dark about your finances, but it’s also not a great idea to be in charge of all of your bookkeeping tasks, especially as your business grows.

Not only do things like sending out invoices and managing payroll take a lot of time, but it’s also easy to make mistakes. Bookkeeping mistakes that are common include:

Categorizing expensive incorrectly

* Categorizing employees incorrectly

* Not accounting for sales taxes

* Not tracking reimbursable expenses accurately

The more you have to do, the easier it is to make mistakes. Delegate certain bookkeeping tasks to others in the office or hire a dedicated accountant.

Customer Service

Customer service is extremely important to your business. That’s why you probably handled the majority of customer service issues yourself when your startup was new. However, as your business evolves and you gain new customers, it’s a much better idea to ask for help when dealing with customers.

If you aren’t quite ready for dedicated customer service representatives yet, you can still share the load with others in the office. Consider assigning certain accounts to others in the office and consider an online chat bot that can answer some basic questions. Just make sure expectations and training are clear so everyone knows the right way to handle customer problems.

Data Entry

There are a lot of exciting tasks related to your business. There are a lot of boring tasks too, and it doesn’t get any more boring than data entry.

However, there are a lot of things you will have to enter into your systems on a daily basis. From entering new emails into an email newsletter list to entering expenses and logging work completed, data entry can take up a lot of your time. Because it can take a lot of time, it’s easy for things to pile up, which can make tackling this task even harder.

Ask someone else in the office to help you. Have one person spend the last 20 minutes of every day entering emails while another makes sure receipts are properly scanned. It will free up a lot of your time.

Website Updates

You can’t just forget about your website once it is posted on the internet. A good website is one that is regularly maintained. Unfortunately, it’s easy to let your website slide because you’re busy focusing on other things.

Enlist the help of one person or a small team of people to conduct regular website maintenance. That might include changes to mobile sites, updated company information, and uploading of new products. You may also want to designate a writer in the office to take care of product descriptions, blog articles, and other website content.

Whether you decide to delegate tasks to employees already working in the office or you decide it’s time to hire a new team member to help, asking others to take over these tasks is a great way to make your job easier.

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