Five Entrepreneurs’ Fears You Should Overcome As We Usher In 2015

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Five Entrepreneurs’ Fears You Should Overcome As We Usher In 2015

The world of entrepreneurship can be likened to the untamed jungle, where survival is only for the fittest, and some parties are in an ever ending struggle for existence. But if you put your back into it, put in the time, make the smart strategic moves then you improve your odds of making it a success.

As we prepare to usher in 2015, there are some few entrepreneurship fears that you should overcome if you ever want your entrepreneurship boat to leave the docks.

The fear of being broke

Any form of business will often require you to invest some money, and more often than not, most startup entrepreneurs feel they don’t have enough capital to invest in their business. Various options that are available to you would be investing your savings, sell off one asset to get liquid cash to invest or seek out a partnership with an investor.

The fear that you’re not good enough

There’s an old saying that goes, “whether you believe you can or not, you’re probably right”. The placebo-effect is very much in play here, if you have to conquer the entrepreneurship world you must first conquer it inside your mind; by erasing all of your negative thoughts and replacing them with positive thinking.

No matter which line of business you are in, there’s a constant simple concept that is always in play. Your business product does not need to be the perfect in the market on the first run, but it must be acceptable. So start off with what is acceptable, and there will be plenty of rooms for improvement as you go by.

The fear of failure

Most people get cold feet when they think of venturing into entrepreneurship. The fear of losing your capital and time investment if your business collapses, but fear is only going to be an impediment if you allow it. You should instead face failure with the mindset that it is only a temporary block on the path to your final destination. You should also view failure as a learning opportunity.

The fear of being overwhelmed

If you started off as an employee and you are used to doing your 9 to 5 from Monday till Friday and party all through the weekend. You will feel overwhelmed by the time and attention demanded by your business. Especially when your business is still at the startups level and you are yet to get things get in-line, and reach that ‘auto-pilot’ level where things can run even without your presence.

This what leads to cases you hear a spouse complaining about their partner giving too much focus on business as compared to time given to family. But as you move along you’ll find a way to stay on top of things and strike a balance between business and family time.

Fear of the unknown

Here, there is also another adage that goes, “living begins where your comfort zone ends”. If you are that kind of person who appreciates familiarity and safety within the confines of your comfort zone, then you are really missing out on some great learning opportunity. You need to burst out of your cocoon and confront all the indescribable, unpredictable and prepare to climb the steep mountains that the world of entrepreneurship will throw your way.

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Entrepreneurship is not a reserve for the bravest, the well-connected, and those with a lot of money. Those who make it share behavioral traits such as always being prepared, are strong willed, confront their fears head-on without making excuses, put-in the time and energy to push their ideas through and are not afraid of the sweat.

So as you usher in 2015, it’s time for some behavioral changes.

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