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Five Things You Can Do To Make Time Pass Faster

by Felix Omondi

Photo by Levi Meir Clancy on Unsplash

Patience is a virtue, they said, and all that yada yada yada! If we’re being honest, we all hate situations that put our patience to the test. People stuck in traffic feel like plucking out their hair one by one. A job seeker sited at the waiting bay keeps shaking their legs in anxiety. Movie lovers start cursing at the TV when internet speed drops and buffering sets in. Well, you get the picture.

This article will not attempt to sell you some half-witted DIY hacks that will get you out of situations testing your patience. Instead, we’ll share with you some insight on how to ride the wave out while experiencing the least amount (if any) of stress and anxiety.

Below we have a list of five things you could do, which will make time go by fast, thereby making it easy to wait it out. Needless to say, some of the tips below should be applied with due diligence. For instance, don’t try some of these tips while driving a car, among other critical activities requiring active attention.

5 Things to Make Time Fly Fast

Say you are commuting in a bus, train, or airplane, and you are feeling anxious and impatient to reach your destination. Below are five things you could do to make time fly by fast:

1. Do some ‘Spring Cleaning’ on your Phone

Your smartphone is probably a critical tool that helps you get by in life. Through this device, you can communicate with family and friends, accomplish tasks for work or school, and a myriad of other things. Without you even noticing, your smartphone storage – both onboard and cloud – collects numerous screenshots, memes, documents, videos, pictures, and audio recordings.

If you are ever in a situation where you need to be patient and need time to fly by fast. Take out your phone and do some ‘spring cleaning.’ Delete those screenshots, unnecessary messages in your inbox, blurred videos, and pictures. Doing that will not only make you save on storage space, but also will keep your mind occupied enough to not think about how frustrating you’re feeling while waiting for something.

2. Watch Movies

We’re living in an interesting era of digital and internet revolution. Your smartphone is a powerhouse of entertainment. Coupled by the fact that internet speeds have gotten considerably faster and affordable. That is further compounded by the fact entertainment outlets like Amazon Prime and Netflix have modeled their content to be mobile-friendly.

These days you can download movies and TV series while on an unmetered Wi-Fi internet connection and watch later while you’re on a metered mobile data plan. This hack will be handy in keeping down your mobile data bills, while at the same time offer you great distraction in instances when you need to patient on something.

3. Play Online Casinos without Registration – `Fare Soldi`

While you are seated there patiently waiting on something, you might as well; not just have fun, but make some cash. That would best epitome of the idiom “kill two birds with one stone”. Although some would argue, that is killing three birds with one stone.

Nowadays, casinos are coming online, and especially adapting to be mobile playable. These online casinos can be highly engaging and stimulating that minutes pass by like seconds. The best part of it, there are those like uudet kasinot that do not have require an elaborate sign up processes. There is no like registering with an email or phone number followed up by verification and those sort of things.

The moment the website’s homepage of loads on your phone, you can start playing. The online casino also offer you free money with no requirement to wager. Also, their bonuses are comparatively higher compared to other online casinos. The uudet kasinot online casino falls into the category of progressive and futuristic casinos we featured in our previous article.

4. Catch Up with Family and Friends

Unless you are high-up in the skies inside an airplane, the odds are high that your smartphone has cellular connectivity. With time in your hands as you wait on something. This time could be better spent returning calls or replying to the ‘DMs’ of your loved ones.

Obviously, you need to steer clear of contacts who might put dark, gloomy clouds to your day. Yes, the conversation might be important, but since you are anxiously waiting on something. The last thing you want to do is pick up a conversation that could degenerate your mood. That is to say, be very selective on which contact you can start (or resume) the conversation.

5. Talk to Your Neighbor – `Stringere Amicizia`

Ever heard of the phrase, your network is your net worth? Well, if the situation allows for talking and there’s someone near you. Use that opportunity to strike up a casual conversation with a new person. You never know what you might discover. You could make a new friend, a new employer, a new business partner, a new customer, or get a new insight you would have otherwise missed out on.

il Finale

In conclusion, there are a million plus ways to make time pass by fast, but only a handful are productive. The list above is by no stretch exhaustive, but they’re certainly within the right spectrum of those million-plus ways. Also, feel free to share some ideas on passing the time in the comments section.

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