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Five Wearable Gadgets Revolutionizing Travel

Five Wearable Gadgets Revolutionizing Travel

Five Wearable Gadgets Revolutionizing Travel

The gear that’s making travel for techies easier than ever

Juniper Research-a mobile research specialist-forecasts that global spending on wearable technology will hit $1.4 billion and will skyrocket to a staggering $19 billion in just four years. At the same time, International Data Corporation predicts that 111.9 million (wearable) computing units will be sold. Although different reports from specialists differ in numbers, one thing is clear: wearable computing is already and hastily expanding to a recognizable global industry, moving from the initial adopters to flourish in emerging markets. One of the main adopters of this new market is the Travel Industry.

It’s “the next big thing” according to Credit Suisse, a Switzerland based multinational financial services holding company. notes that travelers are more tech savvy than ever, which is well indicated in the booking and paying methods as well as travel exploration, documentation, reporting and sharing. Here are a number of wearable gadgets that will make travel more convenient and easier regardless of the destination.


Five Wearable Gadgets Revolutionizing Travel

Call them wrist computers. Smart watches combine the traditional time keeping role of a watch to that of computer/smartphone that is more efficient in use. Depending on the make, the gadget will either work independently or in connection with a smartphone. Travelers can download and install travel apps such as TripIt and booking platforms such as which enables consolidation of their flight plans, itinerary, directions and related mail updates to the wrist screen. This eases the travel experience, as you can view all push notifications without necessarily whipping a smartphone or looking for your computer. Apart from the new convenience in mobility, advanced models such as Apple Watch have pulse rate monitors that can detect distress and anxiety. Maybe an innovation that will save us from unruly travelers, and late boarding!

Wrist Band Fitness Monitor

Five Wearable Gadgets Revolutionizing Travel

The strappy group of devices comes fitted with movement trackers, calorie-burning display units, and sleep monitors. This especially will work perfect for sport tourists e.g. trekkers and walkers, mountaineers and climbers as well as travelers taking a break for a swim or any other physical activity. Generally, wristbands will help one keep track and records of their activities which is vital in setting up lifestyle and meeting fitness goals. This will come in handy for travelers who may not be in contact with personal physicians or have no access to instructors

Water-resistant Smartphone/watch

Five Wearable Gadgets Revolutionizing Travel

Especially on outdoor activities. If you are going on a trail, scampering to find shelter for your wrist watch can be annoying- and so is unstrapping your watch every time you take a dive. A splash proofing smartphone comes with the traveler-friendly advantage of being able to take your photos just anywhere! You can spend your sunset on Africa’s best beach destination-Diani without a worry, play pool volleyball all day long, take photos of hundreds of unique fish species while scuba diving and lay out to dry without worrying about your phone’s warrant!

Wearable Camera

Five Wearable Gadgets Revolutionizing Travel

Taking photos is every traveler’s pass time-now imagine taking photos endlessly. In this new era of braggies (like selfie but taken immediately on arrival to hotel/destination for purposes of bragging to friends) The camera comes with an automated feature that enables it to detect   the right moment for a photo, hence keeping a great record of your trip. For instance, if in Nairobi city center -your auto may take note of city monuments, traffic, or mobile traders, aspects that you may not consider with a traditional camera, yet very integral parts of the city daily living. The camera works through three sensors which pick up light intensity, speed of movement and temperatures in their “decision” for the best shot.

Noise Canceling Headphones

Five Wearable Gadgets Revolutionizing Travel

From the drowning noises on takeoff to the tens of clicks from cameras in a zoo, unwanted noise is stressful. Getting a pair of good ANC headphones can make your journey more bearable. The headphones use microphones positioned on the ear cups for detection of any unwanted waves. Go for a comfortable lightweight in a compact pack -it should not form part of your hand luggage and even with all the inventions, traditional etiquette remains. The greatest debate is whether we need or not need this technology; but as it appears, technology is taking over travel. From the launch of robotic bartenders in world’s most geeky cruiser sheep-Quantum of the Seas- to simple gadgets such a selfie rod! We can only put our best savvy-geek forward and embrace a wearable decade ahead.

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