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Fiverr Rolled Out for Android to Buy and Sell Microtasks

by Fahad Saleem

fiverrFiverr Rolled Out for Android to Buy and Sell Microtasks

Finally Fiverr arrives in the market giving people the ability to give their services for performing microtasks. Using the Fiverr, you can buy and sell services from as low as $5, giving the Task Rabbit app in startup a good run for its money. The Fiverr is a big place for posting your ‘gigs’, and is popular with freelancers who use it for a variety of purposes. It is definitely a wonderful place for buying and selling microtasks.

Fiverr gives you more than 1.3 million services in the microtasks category. This forum is highly valuable if you have a unique talent, and want to trade it with money. You can post your skills and the rate you are willing to charge for someone to employ you. It divides the sales and services into three levels that is suited for different groups of people, ranging from novel to highly experienced people.

After gaining high popularity on Desktops, and iOS, Fiverr has made a sound debut on the Android platform, their by serving the demand of the people through their smartphones. Enabling users to keep in touch with microtask’s business around the clock, the trading of services has never been this easy as Fiverr has made it on Android.

To highlight the wonderful features of Fiverr, it gives you a great forum to monetize your resources and skills to be utilized for others. Some examples are web designing, graphics designing or even gardening. The news of Fiverr being unveiled for Android is all about browsing, ordering and messaging instead of just listing. If you are looking forward to selling a service, you still need to visit the website.

The competitor of the iOS app took a long time to get launched. Although the company introduced the a huge update for its Web app last summer, but the uncovering of the Fiverr took a longer time. You can download the Fiverr app from Google Play store by clicking on the link below:

Download Fiver From Google Play Store

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