Fix Android TV Box factory Reset Not Working

Users of Android TV Box are facing the issue that when they try to factory reset the device, it restarts with initial setup screen as expected. But, when it restarts, it returns back to the pre-reset state. All the Apps, data and settings remain same as before. Below are some solutions for the stated problem which can resolve it and reset your Android TV Box to its original settings.

Fix Android TV Box factory Reset Not Working

Clocksinc App

From Google Playstore, download the Clocksinc App. After downloading the App, go to its Settings. Scroll down to Enable and tick the box next to it. Now, scroll down to Detect Time Zone and tick that box; scroll down to Sync on Boot and tick that box. Finally, reboot the device. It will display incorrect date and time but after 30 seconds the data and time will be adjusted automatically.

AV Socket

Another method to resolve the issue is to insert a toothpick in the AV socket on the rear of the device while the TV Box is unplugged. Hold the toothpick and connect the power cable to turn it on. Continue to hold the button down until the logo appears. The logo will go off the screen; when this happens, release the button. Usually the device goes directly to startup mode but if it doesn’t, you will be asked how you want to boot your Android TV box. On the displayed menu, select Wipe Data or Factory Reset. Now, select Delete All User Data. Wait a few minutes for the process to finish and select reboot device. Finally, after few minutes the device will restart automatically and all the settings will be reset.

Different Method to Factory Reset

Try to factory reset the Android TV Box by going to Settings, then tap on Backup & Reset and uncheck Automatic Restore. Now, factory reset the device.

You can also factory reset the device by holding down the reset button for 15 seconds, then unplug the device and wait for 15 seconds. Now, plug it back in and wait for 15 seconds again. Finally, release the reset button. This will erase everything to factory settings.


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