Fix the application ‘’ is not open anymore for Steam, Finder, Other Apps [Mac]

No operating system if free or annoying errors. In this article we will tell you how to fix The application ‘’ is not open anymore. This error is faced by a lot of Mac users. Replace ‘appname’ with the actual name of the app using which you encounter the issue. Application is not open in Mac anymore error mostly comes  while using apps such as Steam, Finder, Preview and related programs. The error basically comes as a result of app stuck or hanging.

Fix the application ‘’ is not open anymore in Mac

Force Quit the App

The best way to fix application is not open anymore is to force quit the app which is causing the issue. This would flush the stuck data and release the memory area. In order to force quit an app in Mac, just use Command+Option+Escape keys and quit the app which is the culprit. For example, if you faced the error while using the Finder app, just force quit the finder app.

But hey, what if the app you are interacting with is nowhere to be found in the menu? In that case, just use the Activity Monitor system of Mac. For that, go to /Applications/Utilities/ and search the process or app name and then kill it.

Restart the System

The above solution would quickly fix The application ‘’ is not open anymore error, but if you keep seeing this annoying error, the best option is to restart your Mac. Restarting the system is always a good way to start things from scratch and release the temporary memory from this error usually generates.

From Apps Folder

You can use this fix for all the apps that are causing trouble. Here I will talk about how to fix the issue for Steam app. You can follow the method for any other method that is causing The application ‘’ is not open anymore. Go to the Application folder in Mac where most of the apps are stored. Go to the app right click using control+ Left click. You will see a context menu by right clicking. Click on show packaged content. Click on contents folder and then click on MacOS then scroll down to Steam_OSX and click on it. You will see that the app will be loaded and it will start running.


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