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Fix Apps Crashing in iOS 10 (Guide)

by Fahad Saleem

iOS 10 is rolling out in beta and more and more people are flocking into it as the new iOS is full of exciting features and colorful UI objects. However, a lot of users have reported that apps are crashing in iOS 10. While we don’t expect a beta version to run perfectly, we do want our apps and normal tasks to go through without much hassle. Apple will keep revamping its iOS 10 until the official launch, which is expected this fall. Meanwhile, we have found a number of ways to fix iOS 10 apps crashing. Here are some of the tricks and methods using which you can solve the problem.

Reboot your Device

It may seem odd, but sometimes a simple reboot is enough to fix the problems. Just press the home button and then hold the sleep/wake button until you see the Apple logo on a black screen. If this doesn’t fix your issues, move on to the next solution.

Take Updates

As iOS 10 is currently in its beta version, Apple keeps giving its updates regularly. Many users do not take updates automatically or forget to install updates. You must update your iOS in order to avoid glitches and problems. In order to update iOS 10, go to “App Store” and then move on the Updates and then Update All. These are the updates for apps which you should take.

Turn off Background Refresh

There is a background app refresh feature which forces the apps to refresh their data periodically. This drains your mobile data and puts extra load on cache and could end up in apps crashing. You can turn off background refresh by going to Settings-> General-> Background App Refresh and then turn off background refresh button.

Reinstall the App

The last ditch effort almost always works is to delete the app that is crashing and then reinstall it. Every app has its specific documents and data folder which could mess up and add to the load to the OS. You can delete the app by long-pressing its icon and then hitting the ‘cross” button on it.

Reset All Settings

Resetting all the settings in iOS 10 is another way to fix apps crashing issue. You can do that by going to Settings and then moving on to “General” section and then going to Reset-> Reset All Settings option.

If none of the above solution works, you can make things easy for you and downgrade iOS 10 to any version of iOS 9. Check out our detailed guide on how to make this downgrade.

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