Fix Asus Laptop Not Charging, No Lights, Black Screen Problems

ASUS laptops are widely used around the world as they are reliable, fast and compatible with latest software and hardware requirements. But many users have reported that ASUS laptops won’t turn on or charge either periodically, intermittently or permanently. You can fix ASUS laptops won’t turn on or charge using the solutions given below.

Fix Asus Laptop Not Charging, No Lights, Black Screen Problems

Taking the Battery Out

Unplug the laptop from the charger, take the battery out of it, hold the power button for around one minute and hopefully, you will see the lights back on. Now put the battery back inside the laptop. Connect the charger to the laptop and start the laptop afresh.

Heating the GPU

This trick is related to the GPU of ASUS laptop. You are not seeing anything on your laptop mainly due to the GPU malfunction, or slight clogging. In order to fix that, you will have to dismantle the laptop. It is not that difficult. If you are not confident, you can watch YouTube videos that show you how to open a laptop, screw by screw, or take it to a mechanic and instruct him to do things for you.

Once you have opened the laptop, remove heat sink, fan and assembly. Just take out the motherboard core. Everything on the motherboard must be removed. The processor should also be removed. You should also remove the GPU, or just keep the GPU on the motherboard and heat it up with a hot air gun to a temperature of around 200 degrees Celsius.  Keep that heat continuous on the GPU for around one or two minutes and then let it cool back to normal room temperature. Assemble the laptop and turn it on.

A Special Fix for Windows 10 ASUS

If you are a Windows 10 user, you should do a reconfig or reset by following the official ASUS guide. After doing that, or during the process, turn off the computer, and turn the power button on, but immediately start pressing the F8 key. You will see the ASUS icon, and setup, and the computer will be back to life again.

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