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Fix Bluetooth Connected for Call Audio But not for Music in Android

Usually when you connect your Android phone to a speaker or your car Bluetooth system, the connection is established both for calls and music/media. But many users complain that their phone connects only for calls but not for music. In this article we will mention some of the solutions to this problem.

Fix Bluetooth Connected for Call Audio But not for Music in Android

The first solution is to make sure that you have tapped and selected the Bluetooth mode in your car Bluetooth system. Even when you tap the Bluetooth icon in your car system, you should select the Bluetooth sign again as there are different playing options like CD, Audio, etc.

Also, make sure that Bluetooth from your phone is one. Long press the button and select the Car BT system.

When your car Bluetooth system is not getting connected to your phone Bluetooth for music and media, deselect the Bluetooth and pair again. I have seen from my personal experience that deselecting and selecting multiple times works.

Open your phone settings and head over to Bluetooth.

Tap the gear icon next to that device in the list, and make sure Media Audio is turned on.


If you are still not able to connect your phone Bluetooth with your car Bluetooth system for music and media, comment on this post and we will try to give you another solution.

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