Fix Calls from Numbers on Block and Reject List Still Coming on Android

Several Android phone users, especially the users of Samsung Galaxy phones, complain that they are receiving calls from the numbers which they have blocked or put in the auto-reject list. Samsung’s built-in apps are not very efficient, as they take some time to block and are easy to spoof. Spammers user different software and tools to bypass the caller ID identification system of phones. As a result, the numbers that are added to the auto-reject list or blocked list are still able to make their way to your phone.

Fix Calls from Numbers on Block and Reject List Still Coming on Android

Some users suggest that if the numbers that are blocked end up calling you, and you accept their call, their call will be rejected after your accept the call. But if that’s the case, it’s still not ideal as you are not able to block spammers away from your phone. The whole point is to not get disturbed by callers whose calls you don’t want to pick up.

There are several ways to fix this problem. One of the best is to use the “block if number contains” option while adding any number to your block or auto reject list. Add a big chunk or even complete number in the string match text box. This way, the system will block the number which contains the chunk of numbers you have added. It would be hard for the spammers to spoof your unique caller identifier.

Instead of the built-in feature, you should try using a third-party app to block or auto reject numbers. Third-party apps often have solid features that block all calls for the numbers blocked by you. You can use any simple call blocking app from Play Store that has good reviews and ratings. I’d recommend Call Blocker app.


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