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Fix: Cannot Open Full Screen Camera View in Galaxy S8, S8 Plus

by Fahad Saleem

Samsung Galaxy S8 plus users are facing the problem that they can’t take picture or record a video while using the full screen of the phone; there is dead black space at bottom of the screen. When they try to go to settings to change the option to full screen, the phone displays that it is already using full screen.

There are two options which the user can try in order to change their camera’s setting to full screen. Below are the possible solutions:

Solution 1

In Settings, go to Camera Settings, then Rear Camera and then Picture Size (rear) to lower the picture resolution. Change the picture size to 16:9 (9.1 M). Now simply press the home button and open your camera and enjoy the full screen display. The resolution will be decreased from 12MP to 9MP but 9MP is still a decent resolution and it will not affect the picture quality that much. If you take the picture in original 4:3 (12MP) and later crop it to fit the screen, it will still lower the resolution. So, better use 16:9 instead.

Solution 2

Another option that the user can try if they have the latest Oreo software version is to tap on the box with diagonal arrow in it at the top of the camera view screen. This will shift the screen to full view without harming the resolution of the picture. You can tap on that box again to bring it back to original 4:3 picture size.

Other than taking the picture in full screen, people are also annoyed with the fact that they can’t view some of their downloaded apps as full screen. To change the settings of your apps in Samsung Galaxy S8 to full screen go to Settings then go to Display then select the option labeled Full Screen Apps. Next, search for the apps which are not switched to full screen mode and turn them on. You can force any app to full screen mode to enjoy the high resolution full screen of your S8 phone.

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