Fix Can’t Add Widget to Home Screen in Nova Launcher Blu Vivo, Galaxy and other Android Phones

NOVA is a pretty famous launcher in Android. It is aesthetically pleasing and used by thousands of users around the world. Recently, a serious problem has been plaguing NOVA, after which users are unable to add widgets to NOVA launcher. When you try to add widgets like weather or clock to your home screen using Nova launcher, you get Application error Unfortunately, Settings has stopped errors. The problem usually comes with Vivo 5R phone made by BLU. But this problem of widgets with Nova launcher has also caused issues for many Samsung Galaxy Android users.

Fix Can’t Add Widget to Home Screen in Nova Launcher

1- Firstly, you should know that NOVA launcher widgets problems started to occur in 2016 when BLU hadn’t released any updates for its phones, especially for Vivi 5R. Make sure to update your software and restart the phone. BLU released all the necessary updates for NOVA launcher compatibility earlier this year. You should also install all latest updates by Wireless Update, reinstall Nova launcher and reboot your phone.

2- If the updates aren’t working for you, you can still fix the problem, but you will have to root your phone.

After rooting your phone, install BusyBox, the power powerful installer for Android.

Now install system app mover app.  You can also use Titanium backup.

Now move the Nova Launcher app from User app to System App using the app mover app.

Now restart your phone. You will be able to add widgets like Weather and clock to your home screen using NOVA launcher.

3- Long press anywhere on home screen and you will see three options: wallpaper, widgets and settings. Tap the widget option. To add a widget to home screen, drag the widget to home screen. To add an app icon, locate the shortcut and drag to home screen.

When you will long press the widget button, chances are you will see apps or folder shortcut. Tap on that and add widgets to it.


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