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Fix Can’t Find Photos in Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, S6 When Connected to Laptop, PC

by Fahad Saleem

 Almost everyone of uses transfer pictures from our phones to computer and vice versa. And this chore is not always hassle-free. A lot of users have reported that they cannot find pictures in Galaxy S4 when they connect their phone with PC or laptop via USB cable. This problem is pretty frustrating. You took those pictures. They are on the phone. But you can’t find them in the memory folders. Others have tried all folders like DCIM, phone, Android, photos and downloads. But the pictures taken by phone are nowhere to be found. Here is how to fix this issue.

Use Samsing Kies

Perhaps the best way to find photos Samsung Galaxy S4 and other Samsung phones after connecting your phone with laptop or PC is to use Samsung’s software, Samsung Kies. This software makes data transfer so much easier. It’s free and you won’t regret spending time with it.

A File Path

If you couldn’t find photos in Galaxy S4, go to computer and head over to this location \SCH-I545\Card\DCIM\Camera. Or just simply copy and paste the complete path in the Computer text box: Computer\SCH-I545\Card\DCIM\Camera.

Using USB Mode Tweak

Connect your phone with laptop or PC. Bring down drop down notifications bar in your phone. Tap on the USB sign with

“Connected as a media device”, “Touch for other USB options” text. Tap Media device (MTP) so that a check mark is in the box and not Camera (PTP).

Now go to Computer and then move to Phone-> DCIM-> Camera. You will now see phone and camera.

Using Dummy Folders

Open your file explorer and go to /storage/external_SD/DCIM. Now copy the ‘Camera’ folder to another folder and directory, for example, in /storage/external_SD/temp directory. This directory is easily visible in Windows 8.1 and you can see the pictures and videos.

If you don’t understand the above method, here is the simple version: transfer all your photos to Camera folder to some dummy folder using a file manager and delete the camera folder. Click a new picture and it will automatically create the Camera folder. Now copy all the photos from the dummy folder back to the Camera folder.

Use Airdroid

You can also use AirDroid file transfer for easy transfer of photos.

This is how to fix can’t find photos in Galaxy S4 and other Samsung Galaxy Android phones. In case you face any problem, comment on this post and we will be back with another solution.

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