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Fix Can’t Install Facebook App, Messenger on Android

by Fahad Saleem

Facebook is one of the most popular mobile apps, both for Android and iOS. Facebook’s social media user base records more than 1.4 billion users, and counting. Having that in mind, it’s not surprising to face small glitches. A number of Android users have reported that they cannot install Facebook app on Android. Most of the times, Google Play store shows that the users need to have permissions from the Google account, and even the Google account is signed in, things just won’t proceed. The error code for this problem shown on Android phone is error code 504.

cant install facebook app 1There could be multiple reasons for this problem. Fortunately, we have multiple to fix can’t install Facebook app. Let’s start.

Fix Can’t Install Facebook App

Start from the Universal Solution

A simple restart without applying any trick has worked for many users to fix Facebook app won’t install.

Make Sure Account is Logged in

First, make sure that your Google account is logged in your Android phone. For that, go to System settings by going to the Settings of your phone and then go to “accounts” and ensure that the account is logged in.

The Best Solution

Perhaps the best way to fix can’t install app Facebook on Android is to uninstall Facebook messenger app. Many users who are facing this error already have Facebook messenger app on their phones. Messenger app fills the data logs with junk with similar cache objects that are used for Facebook app, resulting in data collision.

Uninstall the Facebook messenger app and clean the junk or app data for this app using some too like “Clean Master”.

cant install facebook app 2

After doing the above steps, just install Facebook app again and subsequently, you can install Facebook messenger.

Necessary Space

According to the official solution provided to by Facebook to this problem, the primary issue seems to be insufficient storage. So you should check the available storage in your Android phone by going to storage settings in Settings app. There must be at least 100 megabytes of storage free if you want to install Facebook app. If you have less than 100 MB available, you can uninstall apps to clear up space, then retry the download. Alternatively, you may be able to move your Facebook app to your Android’s SD card.

Reboot and Clear Cache Partition

Another way to fix can’t install Facebook app is to clear cache partition after rebooting the device in recovery mode. In order to reboot your phone in recovery mode and clear cache partition, recovery mode and clear the cache partition, press and hold the Volume UP button, home button and power button together. Leave the hold on the power button only as soon as the phone vibrates. Keep pressing the other two buttons until you see the Android recovery screen. You can now leave all the buttons.

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