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Fix Consider Replacing Your Battery Notification in Windows 7, Windows 8, XP [Guide]

by Fahad Saleem

Fix Consider Replacing Your Battery Notification in Windows 7, Windows 8, XP [Guide]

If you are facing “Consider Replacing your Battery” error notification in your Windows laptop, don’t panic as you are not alone and thousands of users have faced this year. Last year, Microsoft announced that this is a bug in their system. It’s a bug because there is scarcely any case in which the battery is faulty. In fact the battery works fine, you are using it as you did before, but suddenly one day you see the “Consider Replacing your Battery” in Windows. Windows 7 users have been the victim of this issue mostly because they have not installed the latest hardware and software updates. The good news is that you can fix battery error in your Windows OS. Follow the steps given below.

Fix “Consider Replacing Your Battery” Problem in Windows 7, Windows 8

Click the battery icon in the lower right corner of your Windows laptop and click ‘More power options’.

You will now see different plans on your laptop. Click ‘Change plan settings’.

 Click the ‘Change advanced power settings’.

Scroll down and you will see a tab named ‘Battery’. Expand it.

Now expand the ‘Low battery level’ tab and change the percentage to 7%. This is because the lower you make this percentage, the laptop will not freak out and everything will work just fine.

You should expand the ‘Critical battery level’ and make it to 5%.

Now expand the ‘Reserve battery level’ and change the percentages to 4%.

Come down and expand the ‘Low battery action’. You must select ‘Do nothing’ option for it. This will avoid ‘Consider Replacing your Battery’ problem in Windows 7 or any other Windows OS.

Open the ‘Critical battery action’. Here, you should ensure that the value for ‘On battery’ is set to ‘Hibernate’.

The purpose of all the settings above is to make your laptop work normally when your battery goes down. This would remove all the irritating battery notifications you laptop is programmed to show you. You must follow the addition steps below to completely remove the battery notifications. This would fix Consider Replacing your Battery in Windows.

On the taskbar, just on the left side of the Battery icon, you should see an ‘up arrow’ (^) button. Click it and you will see ‘Customize’ option. Click this option.

Now click on the ‘Turn system icons on or off’.

Now select the  power icon’s behavior to ‘off’. This option will remove the battery tray icon.

This would remove the battery icon along annoying battery notification. This will also fix ‘considering replacing your battery’ problem in Windows 7 or above.

But many users still want to see the status of their battery, and I think that is pretty necessary. For that, you can download this free battery status software. This would show you battery status every time on your screen without any annoyances.

Once installed, right-click on the taskbar in your Windows laptop and select ‘Toolbars’ and enable ‘BatteryBar’.

 That’s it. You fixed the consider replacing your battery problem in Windows and sustained the battery icon as well. Let us know in case any problem.

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