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Fix Disappearing Home Button in Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 Plus

by Fahad Saleem

Due to the latest Nougat software update for Android users, the Samsung Galaxy S8 users are facing the issue of disappearing home button. The bar that comprises of home, recents, and back key pops out of sight at its own choice. It is really annoying especially when you’re inside an App or a game and touch the bottom to go back one step, but instead the home button disappears and you tap on some function key in the App. Here is how to resolve the issue of disappearing home button.

Fix Disappearing Home Button in Samsung Galaxy S8

Swipe Up

The latest update from Android for Samsung Galaxy S8 lets you auto-hide the navigation keys when the user is in an App allowing the user to make full use of the screen. If the home button disappears within an App or game, you have to swipe up the screen to get it back. Also, there is a dot on the top right of the screen, tap on that dot and it will lock your navigation bar. Thus, it will keep your home button up.

Navigation Bar Settings

Another solution to solve the issue of disappearing home button is to edit the navigation bar settings. If you don’t like the auto-hide solution, go to your phone’s Settings, then display settings and scroll down to navigation bar settings. Then, toggle off the ‘show and hide button’. Moreover, the new update limits the color option that users can use as the background color for the navigation bar. Before, the users had the option of a wide range of RGB colors to choose from, but now there are only seven light colors.

Factory Reset

To factory reset your Samsung Galaxy S8, turn off your device. Then, press and hold the volume up key and the Bixby key, then press and hold the power key. Release all the keys when the green Android logo appears. Now, press the volume down key several times to enable wipe data or factory reset. Press the power button to select. Then, press the volume down key until ‘yes, delete all user data’ appears. Finally, press the power button to select and start the master reset. After the master reset is completed, select ‘reboot system now.’

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