Fix Distorted Color and Picture When Using Boomerang App

Boomerang lets you convert your every video into something unexpected and fun. It takes burst of pictures and combines them into a high quality mini video which plays forward and backward. To take boomerangs easily, Android users install the App ‘Boomerang’, an amazing App to capture your Boomerangs. But the users are facing an annoying bug in the App. While recording the Boomerang videos, it is being recorded with distorted color and picture. Some videos are being distorted and some have green, blue or yellow color. Below are the solutions you can try to fix distorted color and picture while using the Boomerang App.

Full Screen Mode

The above stated problem usually occurs when you are using the App in full screen mode. To disable this, go to your phone’s Settings, then go to Display tab and then go to full screen Apps. In the full screen Apps, uncheck the Boomerang App. These simple steps can fix distorted color and picture when using Boomerang App.


Try to uninstall the Boomerang App and then reinstall it again. It is likely that by reinstalling the App you will be able to fix distorted color and picture when using the Boomerang App. Also, do check that you are installing the latest version of the App to avoid any bugs.

Clear App Cache

Another solution you can try to fix distorted color and picture when using Boomerang App is to clear the App cache. To clear the App cache, go to your phone’s Settings and then go to Applications tab. Now, under the Application tab search for the Boomerang App. Finally, tap on storage, select clear cache and restart your phone.

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