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Fix Facebook Messenger Profile Picture Won’t Change or Update in Android, iPhone

by Fahad Saleem

Most of us love to change our profile pictures on Facebook almost every month. But some users are reporting that when they change their profile picture in Facebook, their profile picture in Facebook Messenger won’t change and get updated. No matter how much time you want, Facebook Messenger photo isn’t updated. The problem also comes for other’s profile pictures. People report that their friends’ profile pictures are not getting updated in Facebook Messenger. When they visit their profiles, they see profile pictures, but in Facebook Messenger, the profile photos won’t change. Let’s fix this problem.

Facebook Messenger Profile Picture Won’t Change or Update

1- The best way to fix Facebook Messenger photo update in Android and iPhone is to clear cache and data of the Facebook Messenger app. The reason Facebook Messenger photo isn’t updating is the fact that apps get stuck in the cache data packets and they keep fetching the old data. Also, Facebook Messenger has become a standalone app. When you clear data or clear cache, it starts making a new connection with Facebook’s main app and thus gets the new profile picture. Check out our detailed guide on how to clear cache and data for apps.

2- You can also update photo in Facebook Messenger by turning off your mobile phone and then turning it on and then opening the Messenger app.

3-  If you want to update profile pictures in Facebook Messenger in iPhone, open Facebook in a browser and then go to your Privacy Settings. Head to Security and then go to active sessions and remove the session named “Messenger on iOS”.

Now open the Facebook Messenger. It will ask you to login again. When you will login, you will see the profile photos.

4- Not being able to see profile pictures of people on Facebook Messenger has sometimes to do with the internet connection glitches and technicalities. First, you should connect to your Wifi and then open the Wifi Settings by going to Settings -> Wifi-> and long press the connection name and then tap on Modify Network. Now select Advanced Settings and then change IP Settings from DHCP to Static.

You should also change the DNS address to and DNS2 to

profile pic not updating facebook messenger

Now open Facebook Messenger and you will see all the profile pictures updated.

5- If nothing above works, the best solution to update Facebook Messenger profile picture is to uninstall the app and then install it again. This solution will fix the problem.

These are some of the ways using which you can fix profile pictures in Facebook Messenger not updating. If none of the above solutions fixes the problem, let us know in the comments.

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